Date: 29.11.2023

by Antoni Majewski

SYNOT Games and ProgressPlay Forge Strategic Partnership to Enhance iGaming Experience

SYNOT Games, a forward-thinking game developer, has announced a pioneering partnership with ProgressPlay, a prominent B2B platform provider in the iGaming sector. This collaboration is set to transform the online gaming landscape, offering an unrivaled gaming experience to a global audience.

With its recent success, SYNOT Games aims to captivate the UK market through the ProgressPlay platform. Players accessing the ProgressPlay platform will now have the opportunity to enjoy a handpicked selection of SYNOT Games’ top titles. Popular games like Firebird 27, Fire Spell, and Sweet Dreams are part of this exciting offering.

Leadership Perspectives on the Partnership

Martina Hrabinská, CCO at SYNOT Games, expressed her excitement about joining forces with ProgressPlay. She emphasized that this collaboration is not just about expanding SYNOT Games’ presence in the UK, but also about a commitment to deliver innovative gaming mechanics, features, and themes to players.

Itai Lowestaine, CEO of ProgressPlay, also shared his confidence in the partnership, highlighting SYNOT Games’ rapid growth in the industry. He believes that SYNOT’s diverse gaming portfolio will strongly appeal to ProgressPlay’s discerning customer base.

Strategic Alignment and Mutual Growth

This partnership aligns with both companies’ strategic goals of expanding their global footprint and enhancing player experiences. By combining SYNOT Games’ innovative content with ProgressPlay’s robust platform, this collaboration is poised to create a dynamic and engaging gaming environment for players.

Our Comment on the Article

The strategic partnership between SYNOT Games and ProgressPlay marks a significant milestone in the evolution of online gaming. This collaboration brings together SYNOT’s innovative game development expertise with ProgressPlay’s established platform presence, promising to enrich the gaming experience for players worldwide, particularly in the UK market.

It represents a fusion of creativity and technological prowess, aimed at delivering high-quality gaming experiences. This alliance is a testament to the growing trend of collaboration in the iGaming industry, where partnerships are increasingly seen as a catalyst for growth, innovation, and enhanced player engagement.