Date: 06.02.2024

by Antoni Majewski

Last update: 08.02.2024 08:10

TAPPP and DIRECTV Set to Revolutionize TV in Latin America with Interactive Services

TAPPP partners with Vrio Corp./DIRECTV to introduce interactive television across Latin America and Sky Brazil, leveraging the patented MicroApp Platform for a dynamic, real-time viewing experience.

A New Era of Interactive Television

TAPPP and Vrio Corp., alongside DIRECTV, are bringing an unprecedented interactive television experience to Latin America, marking the region’s first foray into this innovative domain.

The collaboration will see the deployment of TAPPP’s MicroApp Platform™ across DIRECTV Latin America and Sky Brazil, transforming traditional TV viewing into an interactive, real-time service. This initiative will encompass live sports broadcasts initially, with plans to extend the interactive features to a broader range of programming in the future.

Tailored Viewing Experiences

The TAPPP MicroApp Platform, protected under U.S. Patent 11,804,101, is set to revolutionize how viewers engage with content. This platform introduces a variety of viewing-enhancement applications, including options for shopping, betting, contests, statistics, interactive polling, and targeted advertising. Each application is designed to be “contextually aware,” providing content and promotions that align with the viewer’s preferences, the current program, and specific live events.

Expansive Reach and Customization

Scheduled to launch in the second quarter, this service aims to reach over 10 million households across 11 Latin American countries, tapping into a potential audience of around 40 million individuals.

Mariana Lischner Goldvarg, CEO of DIRECTV Latin America, highlighted the transformative potential of this technology, saying, “For our subscribers, this expands and completely redefines what the TV experience can be, personalized and customized to every individual viewer. It is a revolution in the way we consume content. Plus, it closes the gap between brand awareness and purchase.”

This initiative is particularly geared towards engaging younger audiences, including Millennials and Gen Z viewers, who crave higher levels of interactivity in their entertainment choices.

Sandy Agarwal, CEO and Founder of TAPPP, expressed excitement about expanding the platform’s reach, stating, “We are thrilled to be bringing our MicroApp Platform to viewers beyond the United States with powerful brands like DIRECTV in Latin America and Sky in Brazil. We believe in-game, real-time interactivity, including in-game betting, will be eagerly embraced by TV viewers across the region.”

Interactive TV: The Future of Entertainment

The partnership between TAPPP and DIRECTV heralds a significant shift in television consumption, offering viewers in Latin America an immersive, interactive experience that goes beyond passive viewing. By integrating real-time interactivity into a wide array of programming, this collaboration is set to redefine the television landscape, providing personalized, engaging content that meets the evolving demands of today’s audiences.