by Antoni Majewski

The Future of US Sports Betting: In-Play Betting and Responsible Gaming

Jamie Shea, Chief Marketing Officer at Strive Gaming, has highlighted the importance of educating US bettors on in-play betting to drive the industry’s profitability. Speaking on Xtremepush’s podcast series “Experts in the Room,”

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Shea, a former VP of Sportsbook at DraftKings, expressed that live betting in the US is yet to reach its full potential, despite being legal for over five years.

In-Play Betting: A Key to Unlocking Market Potential

Shea pointed out that in-play betting should account for a significant portion of bets, as seen in European markets. She emphasized the need for customer education about the existence and excitement of these bet types. According to Shea, effective education can be the best retention tool, transforming in-play betting into a primary choice for bettors.

The podcast also shed light on the need for a shift from blanket bonusing to more personalized and targeted approaches. Shea argues that overreliance on bonuses has created unrealistic customer expectations and led to unsustainable promotional practices. Instead, she advocates for a more data-driven approach, allowing operators to understand and cater to the specific preferences of different player types.

Balancing Acquisition Budgets with Player Value

Highlighting the evolution of acquisition strategies, Shea underscored the importance of aligning operators’ budgets with the lifetime value of players. She recounted the early days of legal online betting in New Jersey, where the focus was on mass customer acquisition without a sustainable plan for profitability.

In her conversation with Xtremepush’s New Business Account Executive, Will Hansen, Shea also discussed the critical issue of responsible gaming. Reflecting on her personal experiences, she underscored the importance of monitoring and responding to problematic player behavior. Shea praised Strive Gaming’s commitment to responsible gaming, noting the sophisticated use of data to identify changes in player behavior and the training of customer service teams to recognize potential signs of gambling problems.

Our Comment on the Article

Jamie Shea’s insights provide a clear roadmap for the future of US sports betting. By focusing on education around in-play betting and adopting a more personalized marketing approach, operators can enhance player engagement and retention.

Additionally, her emphasis on responsible gaming underscores the importance of ethical practices in the industry. This balanced approach of combining innovation in betting with a commitment to responsible gaming can pave the way for a more sustainable and profitable future in the US sports betting landscape.

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