Date: 24.01.2024

by Mateusz Mazur

The Star Entertainment Group Names Daniel Finch as New CEO for Brisbane Operations

The Star Entertainment Group Limited, commonly referred to as The Star, has announced the appointment of Daniel Finch as the Chief Executive Officer of its Brisbane operations.

This appointment is subject to all necessary regulatory approvals.

Extensive Experience in Travel and Hospitality

Daniel Finch, bringing a wealth of experience from his nine-year tenure as Managing Director at Expedia Australia, steps into this role with a notable career in the travel and hospitality industry. His 20-year career spans key executive positions across Australian, New Zealand, UK, and Asian markets, particularly in major hotel groups.

In his new role, Mr. Finch will report directly to Robbie Cooke, the Group CEO and Managing Director of The Star. This appointment is part of The Star’s strategic organizational restructure, emphasizing the placement of CEOs in each of their venues in Sydney, the Gold Coast, and Brisbane.

Comments from The Star’s Leadership

Robbie Cooke highlighted Finch’s leadership capabilities and experience in overseeing significant organizational changes, particularly in building team cultures. Cooke also emphasized Finch’s invaluable expertise in launching new hotels, aligning perfectly with The Star Brisbane and the Queen’s Wharf Brisbane precinct’s imminent opening.

Expressing his excitement, Mr. Finch acknowledged the significance of joining The Star Entertainment Group during a crucial phase, particularly with the upcoming opening of The Star Brisbane in 2024. He expressed his commitment to driving a high-performance culture and ensuring top-tier services and experiences for visitors.

Focus on Building Trust and Reputation

Finch emphasized the importance of building trust and reputation with guests, patrons, stakeholders, and the local community. He views these elements as foundational for The Star’s long-term growth and success.

Mr. Finch is expected to commence his role as CEO in mid-February 2024.

Our Comment on the Article

The appointment of Daniel Finch as CEO of The Star’s Brisbane operations is a strategic move, signaling a new era of leadership and innovation for the group. Finch’s extensive experience in the travel and hospitality industry, coupled with his proven track record in team building and managing organizational change, positions him uniquely to lead The Star Brisbane.

This appointment reflects The Star Entertainment Group’s commitment to excellence and its foresight in adapting to the evolving landscape of the hospitality and gaming industry. As The Star continues to expand and enhance its operations, Finch’s leadership is expected to play a pivotal role in steering the Brisbane division towards new heights of success and prominence in the industry.