Date: 11.03.2024

by Kajetan Sawicz

Thunderkick Expands European Footprint with Relum Collaboration

In a strategic move to extend its reach across Europe, independent slots studio Thunderkick has partnered with Relum, a comprehensive casino engine boasting a vast portfolio from 240 providers and advanced promotional tools. This collaboration grants Relum’s partner operators access to Thunderkick’s acclaimed gaming library.

Thunderkick’s European Expansion

This partnership represents a significant step for Thunderkick, enhancing its presence in crucial European markets and marking its debut in Armenia. Relum, a subsidiary of Digitain, offers a full suite of iGaming solutions to over 150 global partners, including top-tier online casinos and award-winning gaming products. Through this alliance, Thunderkick not only broadens its geographical reach but also joins forces with a platform known for its comprehensive APIs, payment gateway, and integrated marketing tools.

Thunderkick’s inclusion in Relum’s offering brings a fresh array of immersive gaming experiences to players across new territories. The provider’s innovative approach to slot design, coupled with its engaging narratives and advanced graphics, positions it as a sought-after name among operators and players alike.

A Portfolio of Engaging Slots

Fredrik Ekholm, Head of Sales at Thunderkick, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “Partnering with Relum allows us to provide our massive range of immersive, next-level gaming experiences to a whole host of new players – including Armenia for the very first time.”

Ashot Sahakyan, COO at Relum, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the mutual benefits of this collaboration. “We’re delighted to be adding Thunderkick’s games to our gaming content aggregation engine and product marketing solutions, giving our partnered operators a collection of impressive, dynamic slots to supply to their player bases.”

Our Comment on the Article

The alliance between Thunderkick and Relum underscores a growing trend in the iGaming industry: the strategic partnerships between content creators and platform providers. Such collaborations not only enhance the diversity and quality of gaming options available to players but also enable providers like Thunderkick to tap into new markets and demographics. As Thunderkick continues to make its mark in Europe and beyond, this partnership with Relum could very well set the stage for further expansion and success in the competitive world of online gaming.