Date: 01.02.2024

by Mateusz Mazur

Last update: 01.02.2024 09:33

TripleSdata and Total Performance Data Join Forces to Expand Coverage to Over 100 Tracks

In a significant development for the horse racing industry, Total Performance Data (TPD) and TripleSdata (tSd) have announced a merger, setting a new benchmark in the distribution of live horse racing performance data.

This collaboration marks the formation of the world’s largest automated distributor of real-time racing data, catering to a diverse audience including racecourses, stakeholders, bookmakers, media, and racing enthusiasts.

Expansive Reach and Impact

The merger amalgamates TPD’s and tSd’s resources, promising coverage of over 100 racetracks across 11 countries. This extensive network will feature more than 5,000 race days annually, including prestigious events with substantial prize pools like The Breeders’ Cup and The Dubai World Cup. Racing aficionados will gain unparalleled access to live and post-race data, enriching their understanding of top thoroughbreds’ performances.

A pivotal aspect of TPD’s success has been its vision to forge new revenue avenues for racecourses. With over £50 million wagered on its in-play odds, this vision has materialized, benefiting from the support of major bookmakers. The merger promises to introduce advanced features like automated in-play odds globally, augmenting the betting experience post-race commencement.

Leadership and Global Team

The merger brings together the visionary leadership of tSd’s founders, Carlos Santo and Sebastian Scholz, with TPD’s existing management. The combined entity, boasting a workforce of over 40 global professionals, is set to expand, particularly in areas like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and sensor fusion, to push the boundaries of racing insights.

Will Duff Gordon, CEO of TPD, emphasized the merged entity’s role in making horse racing more engaging and accessible, especially for a new generation attuned to data-rich sports experiences. “We are extremely pleased to welcome the passionate and determined tripleSdata team to create a global champion of racehorse tracking and revenue generation. We are aware that today’s consolidated bookmakers seek the maximum amount of product from each partner, and we’re pleased to add three more countries of top class racing to the existing eight”.

Carlos Santo, CEO of tSd commented: “This merger brings together two visionary companies dedicated to pushing the boundaries of possibilities through technology and poised to unlock new opportunities and expand our product offerings.

“This marks the beginning of an exciting journey. Together, we will continue to innovate, adapt, and thrive in an ever-evolving landscape, delivering unmatched data solutions and experiences to our customers and stakeholders in the racing and wagering industries.”

Sebastian Scholz, CTO of tSd commented: “We are thrilled about this landmark merger and eagerly anticipate the incorporation of the two development teams from Total Performance Data and tripleSdata.”

Our Comment on the Article

This landmark merger between TPD and tSd signifies a leap forward in harnessing data to enhance the horse racing experience. By combining their strengths, the new entity is poised to redefine how performance data is utilized, making the sport more engaging and accessible.

This strategic move not only benefits racing fans but also opens up new revenue streams for racecourses, setting a precedent for future innovations in the industry.