Date: 03.01.2024

by Mateusz Mazur

TVBET and Fashion TV Gaming Group Unveil Luxurious FashionTV Branded KENO

TVBET, in a groundbreaking collaboration with Fashion TV Gaming Group, has unveiled an exciting new product for the iGaming market – the FashionTV branded KENO.

This game marks the beginning of a luxurious line of FashionTV branded products, designed to captivate high-value players with its opulent environment and refined atmosphere.

The Vision Behind FashionTV Branded KENO

The creation of the FashionTV branded KENO is a result of TVBET’s partnership with the iconic FashionTV brand and Fashion TV Gaming Group.

Peter Korpusenko, CEO of TVBET, expressed enthusiasm about this collaboration, emphasizing the company’s dedication to delivering exceptional gaming experiences worldwide. He anticipates that the new KENO game will become a favorite destination for VIP players.

Why Choose FashionTV Branded KENO?

FashionTV branded KENO stands out for its engaging and versatile gaming experience. The game’s simple rules, combined with its thrilling gameplay, appeal to a wide range of audiences. The integration of this game into gaming platforms is expected to boost player engagement and open up new revenue opportunities for partners.

TVBET has announced that this innovative KENO game will soon be available to all its partners, signaling a significant expansion of their gaming offerings. The company encourages its partners to stay tuned for the launch of this remarkable addition to their gaming portfolio.

Our Comment On The Article

The launch of the FashionTV branded KENO by TVBET, in partnership with Fashion TV Gaming Group, represents a strategic move in the iGaming industry, blending luxury with gaming. This venture is not just a game launch; it’s a fusion of high fashion and entertainment, targeting a niche yet lucrative segment of high-value players.

By leveraging the iconic FashionTV brand, TVBET is set to offer a unique gaming experience that goes beyond traditional gaming norms, potentially setting a new trend in the industry. This game could attract new demographics to the iGaming world, particularly those drawn to the glamour and luxury associated with FashionTV.

As the iGaming industry continues to evolve, such innovative partnerships that combine different lifestyle elements with gaming are likely to become more prevalent, offering fresh and exciting experiences to players globally.