Date: 09.04.2024

by Kajetan Sawicz

Twitch Faces Increased Regulatory Attention in Sweden Over Unlicensed Casino Promotions

Twitch, the globally renowned streaming platform, is encountering heightened regulatory examination in Sweden due to concerns surrounding the promotion of unlicensed casinos. A recent investigation by Kulturnyheterna, a branch of the Swedish television network Sveriges Television AB, has revealed that a significant number of Swedish influencers on Twitch have been involved in promoting gambling entities that lack proper regulation.

The Swedish Gambling Authority’s Response

Spelinspektionen, Sweden’s gambling regulatory body, has been alerted to these findings and is expected to enhance its oversight and potentially take stricter measures against Twitch.

This development underscores ongoing efforts to ensure that gambling content on digital platforms adheres to the stringent regulatory standards set forth in Sweden, particularly concerning the promotion of licensed gambling operations.

Twitch’s Commitment to Social Responsibility

Twitch has previously made headlines for its proactive stance on social responsibility, particularly regarding gambling content. The platform had announced an extension of its ban on the promotion of unlicensed gambling, incorporating deposit limits, waiting periods, and age verification measures to bolster its regulatory compliance and protect its community.

Despite these efforts, the recent revelations from Sweden suggest that certain individuals have found ways to bypass these regulations, prompting Twitch to consider further actions to maintain the integrity of its content and align with its vision for a socially responsible and sustainable model for gambling-related content.

Twitch’s challenges are not confined to Sweden alone. The platform has faced similar regulatory hurdles in Italy, where it was fined €900,000 for violations related to the promotion of gambling content, breaching the advertising laws encapsulated in the Dignity Decree. This incident highlighted the need for digital platforms to enforce robust content monitoring mechanisms to comply with local advertising and gambling laws.

Our Comment on the Article

Twitch’s ongoing regulatory challenges in Sweden and beyond illustrate the complex landscape of digital content regulation, especially concerning gambling promotions. As digital platforms continue to intersect with the gambling industry, the need for comprehensive regulatory frameworks and effective enforcement mechanisms becomes increasingly apparent. It’s crucial for platforms like Twitch to continuously evolve their content policies and collaborate with regulatory bodies to foster a safe and responsible online environment. The developments in Sweden serve as a pivotal reminder of the collective responsibility shared by platforms, regulators, and content creators to uphold legal and ethical standards in the dynamic realm of online gambling.