Date: 21.05.2024

by Kajetan Sawicz

UK to Revamp Regulations to Boost Land-Based Gambling Venues

United Kingdom is set to introduce a series of liberalizing measures in a significant development aimed at enhancing the competitiveness of land-based gambling venues.

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Embracing Modern Payment Methods and Consumer Behaviors

In a recent statement to lawmakers, Minister Stuart Andrew called attention to the need for updating “the outdated and overly restrictive regulations” that currently govern land-based gambling establishments.

A pivotal change in this overhaul is the removal of the ban on direct debit card payments for gaming machines, a move that reflects the widespread shift towards non-cash transactions. This adjustment is expected to simplify and streamline the payment process for players, enhancing their overall experience.

Enhancing Gaming Options and Player Protections

The reforms are not only about facilitating easier transactions. They also include provisions to increase the number of gaming machines in certain casinos and to allow bingo halls and arcades to host more large-stake gaming machines.

Such enhancements are intended to make these venues more appealing to patrons by broadening their gaming options. Alongside these expansions, the government plans to introduce robust player protection measures to foster responsible gambling practices.

Updating Regulatory Fee Structures

Another crucial aspect of the reforms involves the adjustment of the fee structure for gambling premises licenses.

Authorities will now be able to charge a maximum cap on fees increased by 15%, a change from a fee structure that has been static since 2007. This adjustment aims to provide local authorities with additional resources to effectively manage and regulate gambling establishments.

Government’s Balanced Approach to Gambling Regulation

These legislative adjustments follow a series of earlier reforms targeting the online gambling industry, which included the introduction of new online stake limits and enhanced affordability checks to prevent problem gambling.

The government’s consistent strategy seeks to balance the growth of both the online and land-based gambling sectors while ensuring that robust player protections are in place.