Date: 03.06.2024

by Adam Dworak

Ukrainian Authorities Crack Down on Illegal Gambling Websites

The Ukrainian Gambling Commission, in collaboration with the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU), has mandated the blocking of 433 illegal gambling websites.

Recent Blocking Order

On May 23, the National Center for Operational and Technical Management of Telecommunications Networks of the State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine issued Order No. 415/2220. This order requires providers of electronic communication services to block access to these domains using their recursive DNS servers, according to the Ukrainian News agency.

This recent action follows a previous directive from April 18, initiated by the Gambling Commission and the SSU. This directive instructed providers to limit access to over 500 domain names and their subdomains involved in illegal gambling activities. The continuous efforts indicate the Ukrainian authorities’ commitment to eradicating illegal gambling operations in the country.

Intensified Efforts Against Unregulated Gambling

The Gambling Commission’s efforts against unregulated gambling have intensified as of late. Earlier this year, access to a total of 580 illegal gambling websites was restricted. This series of actions showcases a significant crackdown on illegal gambling, aiming to protect the public from unregulated and potentially harmful gambling practices.

Moreover, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has recently introduced a complete ban on gambling games and bookmakers’ advertising. This measure will be valid until the adoption of a new law combatting gambling addiction, which is currently being considered by the Ukrainian parliament.

The Cabinet of Ministers adopted amendments to the “Some issues of countering the negative consequences caused by gambling games operation on the Internet” resolution. These amendments restrict where gambling operators and bookmakers may advertise in the country.

Legislative Efforts and Public Protection

The recent moves by Ukrainian authorities reflect a broader strategy to regulate the gambling industry more effectively and protect the public from the negative consequences associated with unregulated gambling. The collaboration between different governmental bodies, including the SSU and the National Center for Operational and Technical Management, highlights the multifaceted approach being taken to address these issues.

The ongoing legislative efforts, including the pending law combatting gambling addiction, suggest that Ukraine is poised to implement more stringent regulations in the near future. This could lead to a more controlled and safer gambling environment, ensuring that only licensed and regulated operators are allowed to offer their services.