by Antoni Majewski

UK’s BGC Applauds CMS Committee’s Rejection of Blanket Gambling Ad Ban

The UK’s Betting and Gaming Council (BCG) has expressed its support for the Culture Media and Sports (CMS) Select Committee’s recent report. The BGC is particularly pleased with the Committee’s decision to dismiss the idea of a blanket ban on gambling advertising, sports sponsorship, and consumer promotions.

The BGC emphasized that such a blanket ban could negatively impact beloved sports like horseracing and football, threaten jobs, and inadvertently drive customers towards the unregulated online gambling black market.

CMS Committee’s Review and Recommendations

The CMS Committee’s review of the UK’s Gambling Act included recommendations to the government. While the Committee did not support a widespread ban on gambling advertising, it suggested investigating the potential ban on children’s access to social casino games, commonly available on smartphones.

Research on Gambling Advertisements

The BGC noted that previous research has not conclusively shown a direct correlation between exposure to gambling advertisements and the development of gambling-related issues. The council supports the Committee’s call for the immediate publication of the State Sponsorship Code to enhance industry standards.

A spokesperson for the BGC highlighted the strict guidelines that betting advertising and sponsorship must adhere to. They also stressed the importance of safer gambling messages, which provide tools and assistance for those concerned about their betting habits.

Support for Additional Measures

The BGC welcomed the Committee’s support for various measures they campaigned for, including establishing a mandatory Ombudsman for the regulated sector, enhancing spending checks, modernizing land-based casino gambling, and implementing a mandatory levy for gambling addiction research, prevention, and treatment.

In light of the proposed 1% gambling levy on online gambling companies by the UK Government, the BGC had earlier shown support. This levy is intended to fund research, prevention, and treatment of gambling addiction. The council had also recommended that the levy extend to all operators, including the National Lottery, while ensuring continued contributions to charitable causes.

The BGC echoes the committee’s call for financial checks to be conducted with minimal intrusion, balancing the need for regulation and customer privacy.

Our Comment on the Article

The Betting and Gaming Council’s response to the CMS Committee’s report underscores the complex balance between regulating gambling advertising and ensuring the sustainability of sports and jobs.

The focus on stricter guidelines, responsible messaging, and the proposed levy highlights a proactive approach to address gambling-related issues while preserving the benefits of the regulated gambling market.

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