by Antoni Majewski

Unibet Champions Women’s Boxing with Historic Sponsorship Deal

In an unprecedented move for the sports industry, Kindred Group plc, under its flagship brand Unibet, has taken a significant step forward by investing in women’s boxing in the United Kingdom. This landmark sponsorship encompasses partnerships with three of the sport’s world champion stars – Raven Chapman, Ellie Scotney, and Nina Hughes – who are now set to become the brand ambassadors for Unibet. This collaboration marks the most substantial ambassador deal ever made with active female boxers in the UK, both in terms of sponsorship duration and financial commitment.

Breaking New Ground in Sports Sponsorship

Unibet’s 12-month sponsorship with the trio signifies a pivotal shift in supporting women’s boxing, highlighting the rising interest and recognition the sport is garnering. Raven Chapman, associated with Frank Warren’s Queensbury Promotions and the WBC International Champion; Ellie Scotney, a member of Shane McGuigan’s stable and the recent IBF World Super-Bantamweight Champion; and Nina Hughes, the reigning WBA Bantamweight world titleholder since July 2022, are at the forefront of this transformative deal. Their achievements and growing prominence in the sport make them ideal representatives for the Kindred brand.

A Commitment to Women’s Boxing

Sam Mead, General Manager UK at Kindred Group, expressed the company’s enthusiasm for bolstering women’s boxing and its champions. “Interest in women’s boxing is booming, and we felt it was imperative for Kindred to double down on our commitment to the sport – and these three fantastic fighters in particular,” Mead stated, highlighting the alignment of the athletes’ prowess and spirit with Kindred’s brand values.

Raven Chapman, reflecting on the partnership, acknowledged Unibet’s clear dedication to advancing women’s boxing. “Their support will be invaluable to me as my career develops,” Chapman remarked, underscoring the mutual ambitions shared between the athletes and Unibet.

Beyond Sponsorship: A Model of Responsible Investment

Kindred’s sponsorship approach extends beyond financial support, focusing on responsible and sustainable contributions to sports organizations and their communities. The group’s engagement in initiatives like #TeamTalk, a mental health project endorsed by sports icons Wayne Rooney and Steven Gerrard, demonstrates its commitment to creating positive social impacts within the sporting world.

In Conclusion: A Catalyst for Change

Unibet’s groundbreaking sponsorship deal with these leading figures in women’s boxing not only underscores the increasing popularity and potential of the sport but also sets a new standard for corporate involvement in female athletics. By championing women’s boxing, Kindred is paving the way for more inclusive and equitable support across all sports, encouraging other companies to follow suit in recognizing and uplifting women athletes.

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