Date: 13.07.2023

by Bartosz Burzyński

Vice presidente of Brazil with distinct support towards gambling company

Brazil’s Vice President met with Playtech’s CEO while expressing support for regulating gambling and sports betting in Brazil. The reason is investments worth billions of dollars.

An important meeting

Faced with the developments last week, Geraldo Alckmin, Brazil’s Vice President, met with More Weizer, Playtech’s CEO. MP Felipe Carreras, a party leader in the Chamber of Deputies and an active advocate for the gambling industry and the regulation of sports betting, coordinated this meeting.

Support for the legalization of bets

During the meeting, Alckmin reportedly expressed his clear support for legalizing gambling and sports betting, signaling a potential change in Brazil’s position on the issue.

Discussions highlighted a promising outlook for Brazil, and Playtech demonstrated its support for the regulation of these two forms of entertainment in the country.

Carreras, in an interview with CNN, shared his observations on the matter, stating: “I believe Brazil has everything to be the second market in the world. Investments in each casino complex in integrated resorts are over $1 billion.

The potential legalization of gambling and sports betting in Brazil could open the door to significant economic growth and attract significant investment, placing the country on the world map as a major player in the industry.