by Mateusz Mazur

Videoslots Achieves ISO 27001 Certification

Videoslots, a prominent online operator, has recently achieved a significant milestone in cybersecurity by obtaining the ISO 27001 certificate.

Videoslots Achieves ISO 27001 Certification

This certification marks a major advancement in the company’s commitment to data protection, addressing the ever-changing challenges in the realm of cybersecurity.

Strategic Move

In a strategic move to secure this certification, Videoslots embarked on an extensive project that involved a thorough evaluation of its existing security measures and the development of its Information Security Management System (ISMS).

This initiative underscores the operator’s dedication to maintaining the highest standards of data security.

Elevating Security Protocols for Enhanced Protection

Understanding the critical importance of protecting sensitive information, Videoslots has enhanced its security protocols, ensuring robust protection of its data. This achievement is not just a testament to the company’s commitment to security but also positions it at the forefront of data protection in the online gaming industry.

Achieving the ISO 27001 certification signifies that Videoslots and its associated brands have met stringent international standards for their ISMS. This recognition demonstrates the company’s capability to effectively identify, manage, and mitigate information security risks, while complying with legal and regulatory obligations.

David Alamango, CTO of Videoslots, expressed his views on this achievement: “By attaining the ISO 27001 certification, we are keeping our data at the highest level of security, reinforcing trust in our brand, and bolstering our competitive advantage. It also places us in an elite group of organizations that have made the security of sensitive information a top priority. Furthermore, ISO 27001 provides a solid foundation for us to innovate and expand our technological capabilities, as we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible.”

Our Comment on the Article

The attainment of the ISO 27001 certification by Videoslots is a significant stride in the online gaming sector. It not only enhances the trust and confidence of clients and partners but also solidifies Videoslots’ position as a leader in data security.

This development is particularly noteworthy as it paves the way for ongoing innovation and expansion in the company’s technological landscape, setting a benchmark for others in the industry.

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