by Kajetan Sawicz

Videoslots Champions Environmental Sustainability with Renewed Coast is Clear Partnership

In a significant stride towards environmental stewardship, leading casino operator Videoslots.com has reaffirmed its commitment to sustainability by renewing its sponsorship agreement with the Maltese clean-up organization, Coast is Clear.

This collaborative effort underscores Videoslots’ dedication to combating marine pollution and enhancing green cover in Malta through proactive clean-up and tree planting initiatives.

A Unified Effort for a Greener Malta

The partnership between Videoslots and Coast is Clear has been instrumental in addressing the pressing issue of plastic pollution in the seas surrounding Malta. By extending this alliance, Videoslots aims to further galvanize its workforce towards environmental conservation, leveraging such activities to not only nurture the planet but also cultivate a sense of unity and shared purpose among its employees.

Ulle Skottling, Deputy CEO at Videoslots, expressed enthusiasm for the ongoing partnership, noting the tangible benefits that collective action has brought to Malta’s natural environment. Skottling’s remarks highlight the critical role of corporate responsibility in fostering sustainable practices and making a positive impact on the local community and beyond.

Mark Galea Pace, the visionary founder of Coast is Clear, shared his gratitude for the continued support from Videoslots. Galea Pace’s optimism for the future reflects a shared vision of a cleaner, more sustainable environment that not only benefits current residents and wildlife but also secures a healthier world for future generations.

Our Comment on the Initiative

Videoslots’ renewal of its partnership with Coast is Clear represents more than just a corporate sponsorship; it is a testament to the power of collaborative environmental action. In an era where the iGaming industry is often scrutinized for its impact, initiatives like these serve as a beacon of responsible corporate citizenship, proving that business success and environmental sustainability can go hand in hand. As Videoslots and Coast is Clear continue their vital work, they set a commendable example for others in the industry to follow, showcasing that commitment to the planet can create ripple effects of positive change well beyond the immediate community.

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