Date: 19.01.2024

by Mateusz Mazur

WA.Technology Joins Forces with Latam Entertainment for Mexican iGaming Market Expansion

WA.Technology, a significant player in the Latin American iGaming market, has announced a pivotal partnership with Latam Entertainment, a renowned consulting and advisory firm in the gaming industry.

This collaboration marks a significant step in WA.Technology’s expansion into the Mexican market, further cementing its strong presence across Latin America.

Enhancing iGaming Presence in Latam

The partnership underlines WA.Technology’s commitment to the Latin American region, promising to unlock substantial projects with major brands such as PixBet, F12, Headsbet, Toisbet, FazOBetAí, and This move is seen as a strategic effort to solidify WA.Technology’s leadership in the Latam iGaming sector.

Axel Antillon, Director Comercial of Latam Entertainment, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership: “The entire team at Latam Entertainment is very excited about this partnership. We see this new alliance as an outstanding collaboration due to the enormous potential of taking the WA.Technology products and brands to new levels within Mexico and other Latam markets.”

Shared Values and Goals

This collaboration is built on a foundation of shared values, including creative development, a commitment to quality, and an in-depth understanding of the iGaming landscape in Latin America. The partnership aims to leverage Latam Entertainment’s extensive market knowledge and WA.Technology’s innovative WA.Platform solutions.

The partnership will focus on providing bespoke products and expert-managed services, unified to create the ultimate tailor-made iGaming experience in Latin America. This includes localized support and expertise to cater to the unique demands of the market.

Tim Scoffham, CEO of WA.Technology, commented on the collaboration: “Our collaboration with Latam Entertainment will significantly strengthen WA.Technology’s position in Latin America. This robust partnership will pave the way for enhanced provision that supports increased revenue for operators and elevates capabilities for first-rate player engagement and experiences.”

Our Comment on the Article

The alliance between WA.Technology and Latam Entertainment represents a strategic and innovative approach to the evolving iGaming market in Mexico and Latin America. This partnership is set to create a synergy that will leverage both companies’ strengths, offering enhanced, localized solutions for a fast-growing and dynamic market.

As the iGaming industry continues to expand, such collaborations are essential for companies to remain competitive and adapt to diverse market needs. The focus on creating tailored experiences for players underscores a commitment to excellence and customer-centric innovation in the field of iGaming.