by Antoni Majewski

Wazdan Expands in Bulgaria Through Partnership with ELITBET.bg

Wazdan, a leading developer known for creating highly rewarding casino games, has announced a significant partnership with ELITBET.bg, marking a notable expansion of its presence in the Bulgarian market. This collaboration entails the phased rollout of Wazdan’s acclaimed titles on the ELITBET.bg platform, starting with a batch that went live in January, featuring popular games such as 9 Coins™, Magic Spins™, and 9 Lions.

Enhancing Player Engagement with Innovative Mechanics

The partnership not only brings Wazdan’s top-performing titles to Bulgarian players but also introduces Wazdan’s unique engagement-boosting features like the Hold the Jackpot™ bonus round, Cash Infinity™, and Collect to Infinity™. These innovative mechanics are designed to enhance the gaming experience and increase player engagement and retention.

ELITBET.bg, known for its rapid growth and commitment to providing exceptional gaming experiences across various verticals, views this partnership as a strategic move to enrich its gaming portfolio and strengthen its position in the Bulgarian iGaming market.

Industry Leaders on the Partnership

Andrzej Hyla, Chief Commercial Officer at Wazdan, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “We’re extremely pleased to further boost our profile in Bulgaria after partnering with an ambitious partner as ELITBET.bg. By rolling out our best-performing games, we’re confident we can add value to its growing casino brand and deliver excellent entertainment to players.”

Echoing this sentiment, Viktor Kirilov, CEO at ELITBET.bg, highlighted the alignment of Wazdan’s innovative titles with ELITBET.bg’s mission to be the premier gaming destination in Bulgaria. “Wazdan’s range of fan-favourite titles blend engaging mechanics and immersive themes, and we’re thrilled to launch them on our online casino,” said Kirilov. He further emphasized the partnership’s role in enhancing ELITBET.bg’s offerings and achieving its goal of providing top-tier slot experiences to Bulgarian players.

Conclusion: A Strategic Move for Market Growth

The partnership between Wazdan and ELITBET.bg represents a strategic endeavor to leverage Wazdan’s engaging game portfolio and innovative features to captivate the Bulgarian gaming audience. This collaboration is poised to benefit both parties, with Wazdan extending its reach in the Bulgarian market and ELITBET.bg enriching its gaming content to provide unparalleled entertainment to its players.

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