by Adam Dworak

Wazdan Unveils Exciting Q2 Lineup with New Slots and Series Expansions

Wazdan, a leading developer renowned for creating some of the most engaging and rewarding casino games, has announced its ambitious plans for the second quarter of 2024.

The roadmap is packed with an array of new slot titles, demonstrating Wazdan’s unwavering commitment to innovation and player satisfaction.

Innovative Additions to Acclaimed Series

The upcoming quarter will see significant expansions in Wazdan’s popular game series. The Coins™ series will welcome two new additions: 30 Coins™ set to launch on May 8th, followed by 36 Coins™ on May 29th. These titles are anticipated to build on the success of their predecessors, offering unique gameplay and immersive experiences.

Moreover, Wazdan is set to enrich its Extremely Light series with the introduction of Power of Gods™: Valhalla Extremely Light and Power of Gods™: Medusa Extremely Light. These eco-friendly versions are scheduled for release on May 23rd and July 3rd, respectively, and are expected to offer an enhanced gaming experience with reduced energy consumption.

Revamping Popular Slots with New Editions

Wazdan is not just focusing on new titles but also revamping some of its most popular slots. The Mighty Wild™ series will see the addition of the Panther Grand Gold Edition on April 26th, followed by the Panther Grand Platinum Edition on June 26th. These new versions promise to bring a fresh perspective to the beloved games, incorporating Wazdan’s innovative features.

A Focus on Expansion and Innovation

Andrzej Hyla, Chief Commercial Officer at Wazdan, expressed excitement about the company’s direction for Q2, stating, “After an incredible start of a new year with new titles and a breathtaking rebranding, we are already preparing for further expansion and sustained commercial advancement.”

Hyla emphasized the company’s dedication to enriching its portfolio and delivering innovative casino experiences to partners and players alike. The expansion of the Extremely Light series and new releases in the Coins™ franchise, along with revamped versions of fan-favorite games, highlight Wazdan’s strategic approach to growth and innovation.

Our Comment on the Article

Wazdan’s Q2 roadmap showcases the company’s dynamic approach to game development and its commitment to providing unparalleled gaming experiences. By expanding beloved series and reinventing popular titles, Wazdan continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the iGaming industry.

These strategic releases not only strengthen Wazdan’s portfolio but also demonstrate its dedication to sustainability and player engagement. As Wazdan moves forward with its expansion and innovation plans, it sets a high bar for quality and creativity in the iGaming world, promising an exciting future for both the company and its players.

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