by Adam Dworak

White Label Casinos Champions Education with St Gerard’s School Fundraiser

White Label Casinos, a renowned provider of comprehensive white-label solutions for the iGaming industry, has recently embarked on a commendable journey to support educational growth and community welfare in Bangor, Wales.

The company has announced its commitment to a significant fundraising initiative aimed at enhancing the facilities at St Gerard’s School Trust, a move that not only underscores the organization’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) ethos but also strengthens community ties.

A Target with a Vision

With an ambitious goal to raise €140,000 over the forthcoming two years, White Label Casinos is set to revitalize the educational and sports facilities at St Gerard’s School. This initiative is poised to facilitate an increase in student enrolment and foster greater engagement within the community, reflecting a deep-seated commitment to nurturing future generations.

A Legacy of Excellence

St Gerard’s School, a beacon of quality education since its inception in 1917 by the Irish Sisters of Mercy, has enjoyed a stellar reputation within the region. The school’s dedication to providing top-tier education, coupled with personalized mentorship, has been a cornerstone of its success.

This fundraising endeavor by White Label Casinos is set to bolster the school’s capabilities, further enhancing its status as a premier independent educational institution.

Inclusive Education for All

Noteworthy is St Gerard’s School’s inclusive approach to education, offering one-on-one teaching and support to children from disadvantaged backgrounds and unstable familial situations. The school’s compassionate stance extends to welcoming displaced Ukrainian refugees, aiding in their educational pursuits and overall well-being since their arrival in Wales.

Continuing the Tradition of Giving

This latest initiative is part of a series of CSR activities by White Label Casinos, which includes a recent fundraising event for the MSPCA during the IFR Poker Cup at Portomaso Casino, raising €3,300 for the animal charity. Details regarding the 2024 fundraising activities for St Gerard’s School will be disclosed in due course, promising a continued effort in philanthropic endeavors.

Voices of Gratitude and Commitment

Campbell Harrison, Headmaster of St Gerard’s School, expressed his gratitude, reminiscing about Phil Pearson’s time as a pupil and lauding the initiative. “It always gives us great pleasure to meet past pupils and see how they’re getting on. I remembered Phil well and it was fantastic to hear his memories as a child growing up in the school and what had and hadn’t changed! We were delighted that he got in touch, and I am overwhelmed at his generous gesture to help support the school and leave a lasting legacy.”

Echoing this sentiment, Stephen Griffiths, the school’s Business Manager, emphasized the importance of building a legacy for future generations. “We are proud to be working with such a well-accomplished alumni to raise funds for St Gerard’s so that its pupils can access the best facilities a school can offer. It is so important to help build its legacy for the next 100 years so future generations can reap the rewards of such a strong academic school that looks after its pupils in a safe, fun and friendly environment.”

Phil Pearson, CEO of White Label Casinos, reflected on the lasting impact of his alma mater, “When you leave school you go through a multitude of feelings, mainly relief, but the longer time flies by the more you realise that you picked up many life skills and ways of learning from a place where you felt at home. St Gerard’s is an amazing place. The work they do is honourable and it’s a privilege to do something amazing for a school that not only deserves the support but is a necessity for the local area and future generations of children.”

Our Comment on the Initiative

The collaboration between White Label Casinos and St Gerard’s School Trust represents a remarkable synergy between the iGaming industry and the educational sector. This fundraising initiative not only highlights the potential for businesses to drive positive social change but also underscores the importance of investing in the education and well-being of young minds.

As White Label Casinos continues to pave the way in CSR efforts, their work with St Gerard’s serves as an inspiring blueprint for other companies to follow, fostering a future where businesses and communities thrive together.

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