by Antoni Majewski

Win Systems Unveils New Offices in the US and Argentina, Signaling Strong Market Presence

Win Systems, a technology provider in the gaming and entertainment industry, has recently announced a significant expansion with the opening of two new offices in key markets – the United States and Argentina.

Expanding Horizons: Win Systems’ Strategic Growth in the Americas

In the United States, the company’s exponential growth is evident, with its participation in the latest edition of G2E reinforcing its successful presence. Aligning with this expansion, Win Systems inaugurated a new corporate headquarters in Miami. Located in the Doral area of Miami-Dade County, this office is not just a symbol of commitment to the US market but also a strategic move. The modern facilities and a logistical hub will allow for more efficient operations.

Meanwhile, in Argentina, Win Systems has chosen the heart of Buenos Aires for its new office. This strategic location is not only ideal for serving Win Systems’ clients and partners in the region but also enhances collaboration and supports efficient operations in neighboring countries. It’s a step towards building closer commercial relationships in the area.

Our Comment on the Article

Eric Benchimol, CEO of Win Systems, expresses genuine excitement about these expansions. His words reflect a strategic vision aimed at not just maintaining but also intensifying Win Systems’ presence in these crucial markets. Benchimol’s approach, focusing on proximity to clients and understanding their needs, underlines the company’s commitment to providing top-tier technological solutions in the gaming industry, not only in the Americas but globally. This move by Win Systems is a clear indication of its adaptability and foresight in a rapidly evolving industry, where staying ahead means being physically present and deeply connected with the market’s pulse.

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