Date: 21.11.2023

by Antoni Majewski

WowPot!™ Jackpot Soars to New Heights in the iGaming World

Games Global has once again caught the attention of the iGaming industry, as their WowPot!™ jackpot surpasses the €40 million threshold.

This development positions the company on the verge of crowning another multimillionaire. The growing jackpot is not just a potential record-breaker for the largest online slot payout but also stands to double the value of the previous highest payout.

Record-Breaking Wins and Innovative Mechanics

The flagship progressive jackpot, Mega Moolah™, previously held the record for the largest single win in an online jackpot, with a €19.4 million payout in April 2021. June witnessed another significant win from the same network, with a €5.7 million jackpot. WowPot!™ has revolutionized the jackpot arena, distinguishing Games Global as a leader in crafting captivating game mechanics. This progressive jackpot starts at a remarkable €2 million, adding to the thrill of their expanding range of online slots.

Expanding the Jackpot Network

Games Global’s portfolio extends beyond WowPot!™, featuring a variety of progressive jackpots like Mega Moolah™, Maple Moolah™, and the newly launched King Millions™. The latter made its debut in key regulated markets this July and recently became available in Ontario.

2023 has been a prolific year for Games Global, with over €73.8 million in jackpots paid out, averaging a win every 10.4 seconds. The network is not only renowned for its sizable jackpots but also for the frequency of its payouts.

Upcoming Innovations in Progressive Jackpots

The year is set to continue on a high note with the release of Mega Moolah Megaways™ on December 18th. This game combines the popular Megaways™ mechanic with the impressive win potential of the Mega Moolah™ progressive jackpot, marking a first in the industry.

Our Comment on the Article

Games Global’s escalating WowPot!™ jackpot is a testament to their innovation and leadership in the iGaming industry. Surpassing €40 million, it represents not just a significant milestone but also a shift in the dynamics of online gaming jackpots. The anticipation for the next big win is high, reflecting the industry’s excitement and the players’ eagerness.

The upcoming release of Mega Moolah Megaways™ further highlights Games Global’s commitment to integrating classic elements with groundbreaking innovations. It’s an exciting time for both the company and players around the world.

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