Date: 18.09.2023

by Mateusz Mazur

Xprizo Integrates with M-PESA to Enhance iGaming Fintech Payment Services

Xprizo, a cutting-edge iGaming fintech platform, has strengthened its payment service offerings by integrating with one of Africa’s most popular mobile money networks, M-PESA.

Xprizo Integrates with M-PESA to Enhance iGaming Fintech Payment Services iGamingExpress

This integration allows users to access M-PESA seamlessly through a single interface within Xprizo’s payment service aggregator.

Bridging Payment Ecosystem Gaps

The collaboration between Xprizo and M-PESA aims to address critical gaps in the payment ecosystem, particularly by facilitating seamless cross-border transactions and providing local businesses with a valuable tool for their operations.

Xprizo has effectively connected local and international payment landscapes, offering community members the following benefits:

  • Deposit and withdraw funds using M-PESA directly into the Xprizo wallet.
  • Access various services, including international e-commerce transactions and wallet-to-wallet functionalities.
  • Enjoy low transaction fees, with most benefits passed on to end-users.

Business Integration and Merchant Transactions

Businesses can integrate the full Xprizo wallet into their operations, allowing users to top up their accounts using M-PESA or other integrated solutions. Consumers can then make transactions from their Xprizo wallet to any Xprizo-registered merchant. Additionally, end-users have the option to make direct payments via M-PESA on a merchant’s website.

Richard Mifsud, CEO of Xprizo, emphasized the transformative impact of M-PESA on how people manage money. He stated “M-PESA has fundamentally transformed how people manage money. Where Xprizo steps in is to expand that revolution into cross-border payments and corporate services – we’re very optimistic about the new addition to the Xprizo payment aggregator.”

In conclusion, Xprizo’s integration with M-PESA is set to enhance its iGaming fintech payment services, offering users seamless access to mobile money services, facilitating cross-border transactions, and providing businesses with versatile payment solutions. The partnership demonstrates Xprizo’s commitment to delivering innovative and user-friendly financial services to its community.

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