Date: 30.04.2024

by Kajetan Sawicz

Last update: 08.05.2024 12:01

Xtip Rebrands to Merkur Bets

The Merkur Group, a mainstay in Germany’s sports betting landscape since 2013, has announced a significant rebranding. Previously known under the Xtip brand, the company has now adopted the name Merkur Bets.

A New Chapter Begins

The rebranding to Merkur Bets is not just a change in name but a comprehensive makeover involving a fresh logo and redesigned aesthetics across both its online and physical outlets.

According to Stefan Bruns, CEO of Online Gambling and Sports Betting at Merkur Group, “The renaming of Xtip to Merkur Bets is not only a new beginning, it also offers the opportunity to establish a completely renewed approach to sports betting within the Merkur Group.” Bruns emphasized that this initiative reflects the overarching strategy of the group to consolidate its brand image following the prior renaming of Gauselmann Group to Merkur Group.

Enhancements and Innovations

Merkur Bets is introducing significant product enhancements aimed at improving user experience. These improvements primarily focus on simplifying the onboarding process for new users, refining the navigation on both the app and website, and streamlining the transactions for deposits and withdrawals.

The transition extends to all operational facets and franchise partners previously associated with Xtip, ensuring a seamless switch to the new platform without requiring existing customers to take any specific actions.

Future Plans and Global Strategy

The rebranding initiative is also set to expand beyond Germany. Plans are already in place to rename the group’s subsidiaries in Belgium, Austria, and Denmark — currently known under different brand names —to Merkur Bets.


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