by Antoni Majewski

Yggdrasil Expands Dutch Market Presence with Circus.nl Partnership

Yggdrasil, a leading name in the iGaming publishing world, has marked another milestone in its expansion journey by partnering with the prominent Dutch operator, Circus.nl. This move significantly enhances Yggdrasil’s footprint in the Dutch market, bringing a diverse array of its celebrated gaming content to local players.

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Yggdrasil’s vast collection, including its core games and the varied YG Masters offerings, is now accessible to Circus.nl’s customer base in the Netherlands. This inclusion features high-performing titles equipped with Yggdrasil’s Game Engagement Mechanics (GEMs). Recent releases such as ‘Excalibur VS GigaBlox’, ‘Rock Star Santa MultiMax’, and ‘Legend of Dragon Wins DoubleMax’ are part of this exciting rollout.

The YG Masters Slots Library: A Diverse Gaming Experience

The YG Masters program, backed by over 134 titles from some of the most creative studios in the industry, is powered by Yggdrasil’s innovative GATI technology. This technology facilitates the production of cutting-edge content and ensures its rapid distribution, offering players an ever-evolving gaming experience.

Since its content became available in the Dutch market in 2021, Yggdrasil has been steadily growing its presence. The partnership with Circus, a leading name in the Netherlands with a strong land-based and online brand, is a strategic step to further enhance Yggdrasil’s market reach.

Executives’ Perspective on the Collaboration

James Curwen, CEO at Yggdrasil, expressed excitement about this new venture: “Our content has already proven popular with local players in the Dutch market and we are excited to further bolster our stronghold in the country together with Circus. The Netherlands is a key focus for us and through this partnership we will be able to reach an even wider audience.”

Similarly, Denis Wittebrood, Casino Operations Manager at Circus, highlighted the value of this partnership: “Yggdrasil is a supplier that needs no introduction, offering a strong portfolio that has been curated for a decade. The diverse titles available provide our customers with a fantastic choice of entertainment with strong mechanics and fun themes, and our online casino offering has been considerably strengthened by this collaboration.”

Our Comment on the Article

The partnership between Yggdrasil and Circus.nl is a significant development in the Dutch iGaming market. It demonstrates Yggdrasil’s commitment to expanding its global reach and enhancing its offerings in key regulated markets. For Circus.nl, this collaboration enriches its online casino portfolio, offering a wider range of high-quality gaming options to its customers.

This alliance is not only a win-win for both companies but also for Dutch players, who now have access to a more diverse and engaging gaming experience. It is indicative of the growing trend in the iGaming industry of partnerships aimed at delivering superior content and player satisfaction.

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