Date: 22.01.2024

by Antoni Majewski

Yggdrasil Expands Reach with Campeón Gaming Partnership: A New Era in iGaming

Yggdrasil, a premier iGaming publisher, is poised to further its growth trajectory through a strategic partnership with Campeón Gaming. This collaboration is set to enhance the gaming experience with Yggdrasil’s diverse and innovative game portfolio across Campeón Gaming’s platforms.

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A Portfolio of Legendary Games

Yggdrasil is bringing its acclaimed collection of games to Campeón Gaming’s brands, including its latest release, Legend of Dragon Wins DoubleMax, and popular titles like Starfire Fortunes TopHit and 10 000 BC DoubleMax. These games, known for their engaging Game Engagement Mechanics (GEMs), are set to captivate a wider audience through this partnership.

Innovative YG Masters Program

The YG Masters slots library, showcasing content from some of the most innovative studios in the industry, will also be featured. This program is powered by GATI, Yggdrasil’s advanced technology, which enables rapid production and distribution of cutting-edge content.

Yggdrasil’s expansion into Latin America in May 2022 marked a significant step in its global business strategy. The entry into the Colombian market underscored the company’s focus on growing in regulatory markets, demonstrating its commitment to a broader global presence.

Campeón Gaming’s Tailored iGaming Experience

Founded in 2017, Campeón Gaming has established itself as a respected iGaming operator. The company offers customized content and an immersive in-house platform, providing a world-class gaming experience to customers globally.

Jose Kadala, Commercial Director at Yggdrasil, commented on the partnership: “We have seen players and operators in Latin America take well to both our proprietary content and that of our YG Masters studios and we are extremely excited to further extend our reach in the market by partnering with Campeón Gaming, an established and prominent operator with expertise in the field.”

George Merodoulakis, Group Chief Commercial Officer at Campeón Gaming, also expressed enthusiasm: “We’ve teamed up with Yggdrasil to enrich our game portfolio and offer a broader range of entertainment to our users. This collaboration combines the innovative strengths of both Campeón Gaming and Yggdrasil.”

Yggdrasil and Campeón Gaming’s Strategic Move

The partnership between Yggdrasil and Campeón Gaming marks a significant milestone in the iGaming industry. By combining Yggdrasil’s innovative game portfolio with Campeón Gaming’s tailored iGaming platform, this collaboration is set to create a more dynamic and engaging gaming experience for players.

Yggdrasil’s strategic expansion into new markets, especially in Latin America, aligns with its global growth objectives, while Campeón Gaming’s commitment to providing customized content solidifies its position as a key player in the industry. This partnership not only enhances both companies’ offerings but also signals a continued trend towards collaborations that drive innovation and growth in the iGaming sector.