Date: 07.11.2023

by Mateusz Mazur

Last update: 07.11.2023 13:39

2024 White House Race: Trump and Biden Top the Betting Markets

As the landscape of American politics shifts, the US presidential elections become not just a battleground for heated debates and the future of the nation but also a point of keen interest for betting enthusiasts. Against all odds, Donald Trump has surged back to the forefront as the bookmakers’ favorite to win the upcoming 2024 presidential race.

US Election Donald Trump vs Joe Biden betting odds

Understanding Election Betting: A Social and Cultural Phenomenon

Betting on sports events is a widely recognized form of entertainment, but wagering on the results of the US presidential elections opens up a completely new category of excitement and political analysis.

For many, it’s not just a chance to win money but also an opportunity to express their predictions about global political trends.

Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden: The Titans Clash in the Betting World

The future of the world’s most powerful country is at stake, and the odds at the bookmakers fluctuate with each passing day.

Trump, with odds at +150, surpasses current President Joe Biden, who is just behind him at +187.

This illustrates that despite legal challenges and avoidance of Republican debates, Trump maintains a strong position among the Republican voter base.

Shifting Odds: Politics in Motion

A few months ago, Vice President Kamala Harris led the odds, and now she has fallen to the eighth spot.

Kamala HarrisKamala Harris has fallen to the eighth spot in odds

Meanwhile, Joe Biden, despite low approval ratings and political challenges such as student debt and military aid to Ukraine, is rebuilding his position. It seems the Democrats are not inclined to change leaders mid-term, reflected in the odds of -250 that he will be their candidate in the upcoming election.

Betting as a Socio-Political Barometer

Betting on elections can also serve as an unconventional yet insightful barometer of social moods. Bookmaker odds often reflect not just public opinion but also the confidence in candidates and their political strategies.


The 2024 US presidential election is already electrifying political commentators and betting aficionados alike. It’s a captivating moment when the usual political game transforms into a subject of wagering, and bookmakers’ odds write a new chapter in the history of political speculation. Will it be Donald Trump, Joe Biden, or perhaps a completely different candidate who will reshape American politics? Only time and the bets placed will tell.