by Mateusz Mazur

20SHOTS Elevates Its Game with Fabrizio Romano Partnership

Affiliate marketing product provider 20SHOTS has recently announced a significant enhancement to its department, marked by an energetic “Here we gooooooo!”

This excitement is due to the signing of renowned football journalist and influencer Fabrizio Romano, a move that underscores the company’s ambition and strategic direction in the iGaming and football analytics sphere.

Strategic Partnership with Fabrizio Romano

The collaboration with Romano is part of 20SHOTS’ comprehensive suite of services provided to Stats Performa’s Opta. The initial project includes the creation of a custom Premier League fantasy football game, Opta Five, set to feature prominently within the data analytics company’s Players Ratings Game Hub.

This partnership not only showcases 20SHOTS’ prowess in product development and operation but also highlights its capabilities in marketing and client partnership, as stated by co-founder and CEO Jacob Kalms.

Engaging Content Creation

Romano’s involvement extends beyond mere endorsement; he has already contributed an article for Opta Analyst and produced tutorial videos for the new Opta Five and Opta Max products. These efforts, shared with his vast following, aim to generate buzz and engagement for the Opta Games Hub. A particularly engaging campaign saw Romano challenging his audience in the Opta Streak game, further solidifying the interactive and community-driven approach of this partnership.

This venture is among the latest in a series of significant announcements from 20SHOTS, which includes major investment partnerships and a successful expansion into the Brazilian market. By securing high-profile figures like Romano, 20SHOTS demonstrates its deep understanding of the target market and its ability to attract relevant partners that enhance brand visibility and customer conversion.

Romano on the Partnership

Fabrizio Romano expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating “The partnership just made sense to me, as both companies are making waves in the football and iGaming worlds. Opta’s new Players Ratings Hub is a great place for football fans to spend time looking at stats and using their knowledge to win prizes. And 20SHOTS Premier League fantasy football game is incredibly fun and also offers a lot of chances to win big.

“Partnerships like this also offer value to my followers and align with their interests, which is a primary goal for any partnership I enter into.”

20SHOTS prides itself on offering end-to-end marketing services, handling everything from partner sourcing to content creation, timing, tracking, reporting, and analysis. This hands-off approach for clients underscores 20SHOTS’ commitment to delivering seamless and effective marketing campaigns.

Future Collaborations

The partnership’s success has set the stage for further collaborations, with Kalms hinting at the signing of another significant personality in the fantasy football arena. This strategy indicates 20SHOTS’ ongoing commitment to enhancing brand awareness and engagement for its platforms.

Our Comment on the Article

The partnership between 20SHOTS and Fabrizio Romano marks a significant milestone in the iGaming and sports analytics industry, blending expert content creation with strategic marketing initiatives.

This collaboration not only elevates the brand’s visibility but also enhances user engagement through high-quality, interactive content. As the industry continues to evolve, such innovative partnerships will become increasingly crucial in capturing and maintaining audience interest, setting a benchmark for others in the sector.

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