Date: 25.01.2024

by Antoni Majewski

888poker Leads the Charge Against AI and RTA Abuse in Online Poker

888poker, a frontrunner in the online poker industry, is taking decisive steps to combat the escalating issue of Real-Time Assistance (RTA) software and artificial intelligence (AI) in online poker games. Recognizing the unfair advantage these tools provide to certain players, 888poker is committed to maintaining a fair and competitive environment for all its users.

Refunding Players and Blocking Unfair Practices

In a significant move to uphold fairness, 888poker reimbursed a total of $362,893 to 4,068 players in 2023. These players had faced opponents utilizing prohibited AI software, including bots and RTA, undermining the integrity of the game. Alongside these refunds, 888poker took stringent action by blocking 161 accounts found to be using AI technologies, reinforcing its zero-tolerance policy against such unfair practices.

Advancements in Bot Detection Technology

As 888poker gears up for 2024, the company is doubling down on its efforts to detect and deter the use of unauthorized AI tools. By implementing cutting-edge technology specifically designed to identify bots, 888poker aims to ensure a safe and equitable playing field, where skill and strategy are the sole determinants of success.

Matan Krakow, Head of Poker Offering at 888poker, emphasized the brand’s dedication to fair play: “Our continued progress in tackling bots stems from the understanding that it is crucial in order to ensure that 888poker continues to provide an enjoyable, safe, and level playing field for all our players”. This initiative is part of a broader commitment to responsible gaming, recognizing the vital role of community cooperation and advanced detection methods in preserving the integrity of online poker.

Krakow also highlighted the importance of compensating affected players, with 888poker proactively reimbursing approximately $250K out of its own resources in cases where confiscated funds from blocked accounts were insufficient.

Continuous Effort and Community Engagement

The fight against AI and RTA in online poker is an ongoing battle, and 888poker remains vigilant, continuously improving its detection capabilities and engaging with the poker community for insights and feedback. Krakow assures, “It is an ongoing effort, and we will continue to do all in our power to ensure we keep poker fun and fair, and listening to our players will continue to be a key factor to progress on this front.”

By leading with innovation and a steadfast commitment to fairness, 888poker sets a high standard for responsible online gaming, ensuring that the spirit of competition remains untainted by artificial advantages.