by Mateusz Mazur

Abios and Betinvest Forge Strategic Esoccer Data Partnership

Abios, a Kambi subsidiary, is set to enhance its esoccer offerings through a strategic data partnership with Betinvest.

This collaboration will grant Abios access to an impressive roster of over 4,650 matches from the CyberLive!Arena (CLA) and Esport Pro Club (EPC) tournaments, enriching the betting experience with a wealth of live content.

Bridging Esports and Traditional Sports

The partnership aims to capitalize on the synergy between digital esports and traditional sports, providing sportsbooks with a continuous stream of engaging content.

Abios’s esoccer products, including an odds feed, widgets, and streams, have already gained traction for their ability to offer live content during off-peak sports seasons.

A Technological Leap in Sports Betting

The integration of Betinvest’s extensive event coverage with Abios’s data and streaming capabilities promises to create a more consistent and differentiated offering for customers. The use of EA Sports’ FC game for these events serves as a unique bridge between football enthusiasts and esports fans, merging two passionate communities.

Dariia Petrus, Business Development Team Lead at Betinvest, shared: “Looking forward, our partnership is poised for significant growth and innovation. We’ve established a solid base for collaboration, opening up a range of exciting opportunities for us to explore together. The synergy of our shared expertise and efforts sets this venture apart, making it a noteworthy endeavor.”

Oskar Bonnevier Fröberg, Managing Director and Founder of Abios, added: “Abios has recently taken significant strides to facilitate our esoccer product reaching new heights. With proprietary modelling, access to best-in-class data sources, and a team of esports experts, we’ve been able to build a reliable odds feed coupled with exciting bet offers. To help us provide 24/7 content to partners across the globe, we’re thrilled to have Betinvest onboard.”

Our Comment on the Article

The partnership between Abios and Betinvest marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of sports betting, blending the dynamic world of esports with traditional sports betting landscapes.

By leveraging Betinvest’s extensive match access and Abios’s cutting-edge betting solutions, this collaboration is set to offer unparalleled live betting content, fostering a new era of engagement and interaction within the sports betting community.

This initiative not only underscores the growing influence of esports in mainstream sports betting but also highlights the innovative approaches companies are adopting to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving digital entertainment arena.

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