Date: 27.10.2023

by Mateusz Mazur

Last update: 25.11.2023 10:44

AffPapa and MOJO Partners: A Merger Set to Enrich the iGaming Arena

The premier iGaming directory, AffPapa, is abuzz with the inclusion of MOJO Partners, the powerhouse behind Barney’s Casino.


Not just an ordinary player in the iGaming industry, MOJO Partners boasts a stellar track record, enriched with over a quarter-century of in-depth industry expertise. Their commitment to delivering unparalleled casino experiences stands testament to their prowess. And, with the promise of a new brand on the horizon, MOJO’s portfolio is about to become even more robust.

A Mutually Beneficial Collaboration

Through this partnership, MOJO Partners will get a golden ticket to mingle with a new brigade of affiliates from AffPapa’s network. This association will be instrumental in amplifying MOJO’s brand presence in the iGaming space.

On the flip side, AffPapa’s affiliates are in for a treat with MOJO’s lucrative offers, ranging from tempting commission rates of up to 45%, tailored deals, dedicated support, impressive conversion rates, and the promise of long-term player trust.

Words from the Powerhouses

In an official statement, MOJO Partners expressed their enthusiasm, “We are delighted to announce our exciting partnership with the esteemed affiliate directory, AffPapa. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for MOJO, providing us with an exceptional opportunity to foster valuable new partnerships.”

Adding to the sentiment, Yeva Avagyan, the helm of the commercial endeavors at AffPapa, mentioned, “We’re eagerly looking forward to collaborating closely with MOJO Partners. MOJO is known for its top-notch gaming experiences, and we’re excited to see the operator form partnerships through the AffPapa directory.”

Our Comment on the Article

The union between AffPapa and MOJO Partners appears to be a match made in the iGaming heavens. As AffPapa carves pathways for MOJO to tap into new affiliate collaborations, the iGaming community can anticipate enriched experiences and strengthened alliances.

With MOJO’s upcoming brand and the continuous growth of AffPapa’s network, we can expect waves of innovation and expansion in the industry. The future looks promising!