Date: 12.10.2023

by Bartosz Burzyński

Last update: 25.11.2023 10:46

“AI is already making a big impact in the iGaming industry”

Yonit Shvinkelstain has extensive experience in the iGaming industry, as she has worked at XLMedia PLC, 888 Casino, and now she is Co-Founder at Leverage. In an interview with us, she talks about the idea to create Leverage, the path she went through with the company, and the impact of artificial intelligence on the entertainment industry.



Yonit Shvinkelstain interview iGamingExpress

How did the idea for creating Leverage come about?

Drawing from over two decades of immersive experience in the iGaming industry, spanning B2C, B2B, and affiliation in C-level roles, we discerned two primary needs. First, large brands require the agility to adapt swiftly, capitalizing on emerging market opportunities and verticals before and better than competitors. Second, decision-makers often face challenges due to the absence of comprehensive data, expertise, and the time-consuming nature of discovering and pursuing these opportunities.

Not to mention, the colossal overheads associated with setting up in-house operations often deter brands from venturing into new territories. More often than not, they grapple with high operational costs and the steep learning curve. This led to the inception of Leverage – We’ve architectured a tailor-made, comprehensive “plug-and-play” suite designed to expedite market penetration. We don’t see ourselves merely as a service; we’re your strategic partner, aligning our expertise as if it were your in-house powerhouse, ensuring optimal outcomes and a seamless experience.

What do you consider the biggest success in your Leverage journey so far?

Our proudest moment at Leverage has been the development and implementation of innovative solutions that consistently keep our clients ahead of the curve. We’ve rapidly adapted to changes, with our WEB3 services being a prime example. We identified a gap, built a dedicated team, and now offer robust WEB3 solutions. Additionally, our confidence is highlighted by the successful assets we’ve developed, enhancing our strategy and client offerings.

What is your strategy for navigating the rapidly evolving iGaming market and delivering top-notch services to your clients?

Our approach is rooted in thorough, professional research and smart work. We prioritize staying attuned to our users, harnessing data to guide our strategies, and maintaining flexibility to adapt to change. In the dynamic iGaming landscape, our ability to swiftly pivot ensures we seize emerging opportunities, delivering exceptional value to our clients. Our commitment is to blend data-driven decisions with adaptability, ensuring we’re always ahead in offering top-tier services.

How significant will the development of artificial intelligence be for the iGaming industry? In which areas can we already see its impact, and where do you anticipate it will have the most influence in the near future?

AI is already making a big impact in the iGaming industry, improving both the user experience and competition. From the product side, we’re already witnessing a transformation in areas like UI/UX, personalized tailored experiences and automated data driven customer support.

AI’s role in enriching graphics and simplifying coding is revolutionizing game design and offerings, creating high competition.

When we shift our gaze to sports betting, AI’s impact becomes even more tangible. Predictions powered by AI algorithms are enhancing player engagement, offering insights and analytics that were once out of reach for the average gamer. However, this advancement brings along complexities in risk management, a challenge that the industry is poised to address to ensure a balanced and ethical gaming experience.

On the marketing front, the accessibility of AI tools is unveiling innovative avenues for content creation and distribution, positioning individual influencers as key players in future marketing strategies.

How can you effectively reach the younger generation of gamers? What should operators pay special attention to?

Today’s younger gamers are immersed in a distinct digital culture, characterized by unique languages, ideas, and online spaces. They are influenced by current trends, specialized communities, and trust. To connect with them, brands need to adopt a new mindset, embracing a model where gamers are partners in shaping the brand’s story, much like DAOs, Transparency and community are paramount, Effective brand growth is rooted in continuous engagement, valuing player feedback, and evolving in response.

The digital arenas these gamers inhabit are specialized and decentralized, deviating from traditional advertising platforms. The emergence of new social platforms requires a departure from conventional marketing strategies; here, the product’s quality and the brand’s relationship with players are the focal points.

Blockchain technology introduces individual incentive mechanisms, heightening the competition for attention. Brands must empower players to become brand ambassadors, providing them with the tools and incentives to share their positive experiences. A brand unprepared to adapt to these nuanced dynamics risks being overlooked and dismissed by this discerning community.

Do you have any specific goals for 2023 that you are determined to achieve at Leverage?

We aim to expand our footprint across our focal geographies: Africa, LATAM, and Asia. Furthermore, we intend to foster deeper, more fruitful partnerships and grow our team of experts dedicated to delivering unparalleled solutions in our niche domain.


Please note that this interview was conducted prior to the escalation of the situation in Israel and Gaza. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those who have been affected by the conflict.