by Antoni Majewski

Altenar Partners with Magic Bet to Revolutionize Online Betting in Bulgaria

Altenar, a frontrunner in sportsbook and iGaming software, has announced a pivotal agreement with Bulgarian operator Magic Bet. This collaboration is set to supply Altenar’s innovative products for online use, marking a significant step in the company’s expansion within the Balkans.

The partnership will enable Altenar to reinforce its position in the Balkans, following its recent market entry. By integrating its award-winning technology onto Magic Bet’s platform, Altenar aims to elevate Magic Bet’s stature as one of Bulgaria’s most esteemed operators.

Magic Bet’s Online Evolution with Altenar’s Portfolio

Initially, Magic Bet will benefit from Altenar’s extensive portfolio, including Virtual Sports and interactive bonus offerings, in an online capacity. This collaboration is designed to enhance Magic Bet’s client services and gaming experience.

Growth Ambitions Beyond Bulgaria

This online collaboration is part of a broader strategy for Magic Bet, with plans for expansion beyond Bulgaria. The partnership is expected to enhance Magic Bet’s odds offering, risk management, and establish the brand as a leading sportsbook in the region.

Altenar’s Expanding Global Footprint in 2024

This agreement with Magic Bet contributes to Altenar’s successful start in 2024, demonstrating its growing global reach through numerous partnerships with operators worldwide.

Industry Leaders on the New Partnership

Panagiotis Lantzas, Account Manager at Altenar, emphasizes Bulgaria as a key region for their Balkan expansion. He expresses enthusiasm for the partnership with Magic Bet, highlighting the potential for mutual growth and success.

Plamen Dzhedzhev, CEO of Magic Bet, acknowledges Altenar’s reputation for world-class technology. He is optimistic about the integration, foreseeing Magic Bet becoming a top online operator in the territory and offering a broad range of services to customers.

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