by Antoni Majewski

Argentine Football Association Welcomes FeedConstruct as New Regional Sponsor

The Argentine Football Association (AFA) has proudly announced a groundbreaking sponsorship deal with FeedConstruct, a frontrunner in sports data, technology, and broadcasting. This partnership heralds FeedConstruct as the AFA’s new Regional Sponsor in Europe, marking a significant milestone in AFA’s ongoing journey as a globally recognized sports brand.

Argentine Football Association Welcomes FeedConstruct as New Regional Sponsor in Europe

Strategic Expansion and Collaboration

This collaboration underscores AFA’s strategic vision to extend its global footprint, forging new commercial relationships across diverse regions with industry leaders. The partnership is set to bolster FeedConstruct’s visibility in the football world, fostering strategic alliances that enrich the industry and affirm the company’s dominance in Europe and beyond.

Claudio Tapia, President of AFA, expressed enthusiasm about this new venture, stating, “We are very happy to announce a new sponsorship agreement for the National Teams, with an important technology company like FeedConstruct.” He reflected on AFA’s ambition to become a leading sports institution globally, emphasizing how partnerships with leading companies significantly contribute to this goal.

FeedConstruct’s Commitment to AFA

Narek Harutyunyan, Head of Rights and Content Department at FeedConstruct, shared his excitement about the partnership, noting, “We are delighted to announce our partnership with the Argentine Football Association.” This collaboration is seen as a key achievement for FeedConstruct, eager to support the Argentine National Team, celebrated as World Champions.

AFA’s Global Marketing Vision

Leandro Petersen, Marketing and Commercial Manager of AFA, highlighted the significance of this partnership within AFA’s broader strategy of global expansion initiated in 2018. This strategy encompasses efforts to reach markets in China, the United States, the Middle East, and India, now complemented by strengthening ties in traditional strongholds like Europe.

Petersen remarked: “Today we celebrate together with FeedConstruct a new Regional Sponsorship agreement in Europe.” He underscored FeedConstruct’s confidence in AFA as a platform for its commercial ventures, reinforcing AFA’s global expansion plan and its status as one of the sports institutions with the most extensive portfolio of commercial partners worldwide.

Reflections on AFA’s Strategic Direction

The AFA’s partnership with FeedConstruct is a testament to the association’s successful strategy in positioning itself as a global leader in the sports industry.

By aligning with top-tier companies such as FeedConstruct, AFA not only enhances its commercial landscape but also brings the excitement and passion of Argentine football closer to fans across the globe, particularly in Europe. This strategic move is indicative of AFA’s broader vision of global outreach and influence in the world of football, setting a benchmark for other sports institutions aiming for global recognition and impact.

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