by Kajetan Sawicz

Aristocrat Leisure Announces Key Company Secretary Transition

Aristocrat Leisure Limited announced a significant update in its executive team with the appointment of Ms. Anne Tucker as the new Company Secretary, effective 5 March 2024. This strategic move follows the resignation of Ms. Kristy Jo from the role.

Executive Shifts at Aristocrat Leisure

This transition marks a notable moment for Aristocrat, with Ms. Tucker bringing a wealth of experience and legal acumen to her new role. Having joined the Aristocrat team in October 2021, she has since served as the Group Deputy Chief Legal Officer, showcasing her proficiency and dedication to the company’s legal affairs. Her appointment comes after receiving the necessary regulatory pre-approvals, ensuring a seamless transition in the company’s governance and regulatory communications.

The board extends its heartfelt gratitude to Ms. Kristy Jo for her invaluable contributions to Aristocrat Leisure during her tenure. Her dedication and service have been instrumental in guiding the company through numerous challenges and successes. As we bid farewell to Ms. Jo, we also celebrate the commencement of Ms. Tucker’s journey in her new role, confident in her ability to steer Aristocrat’s legal and regulatory engagements with finesse and strategic insight.

Regulatory Communications and Compliance

In accordance with ASX Listing Rule 12.6, Ms. Tucker will now assume responsibility for Aristocrat’s communication with the ASX concerning matters related to ASX Listing Rules. This pivotal role underscores the importance of maintaining transparent and effective communication channels with regulatory bodies, ensuring Aristocrat’s continued compliance and integrity in its operations.

Our Comment on the Matter

The appointment of Ms. Tucker marks a new chapter for Aristocrat Leisure, emphasizing the company’s commitment to strong leadership and regulatory excellence. With her extensive legal expertise and familiarity with Aristocrat’s operations, Ms. Tucker is well-equipped to guide the company through the evolving regulatory requirements of the iGaming and gambling sector. We congratulate Ms. Tucker on her new role and anticipate her contributions will further strengthen Aristocrat’s position as an industry leader.

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