Date: 29.11.2023

by Bartosz Burzyński

Last update: 29.11.2023 11:50

“Being at Kingbet, I initiated the ‘Hat-trick Approach'”

This time we talk to Emilio Takas, Head of SEO at Kingbet Media, who tells us how AI influences SEO in the iGaming industry. Of course, we also discuss the topic of keyword analysis and the fight for customers on the extremely competitive affiliate market of online casinos and bookmakers. We invite you to read the interview.

"Being at Kingbet, I initiated the 'Hat-trick Approach'"

How can companies operating in the iGaming industry enhance their SEO strategies through the utilization of cutting-edge technologies?

Imagine if the world of iGaming was a football match. Our SEO strategies would be like a top-tier coach deploying advanced video analytics to refine a team’s strategy. To enhance our SEO game in the sportsbook arena, we harness technologies like AI and machine learning. They’re our personal sports analysts, predicting trending sports events and keywords, ensuring we’re always on the offense, ahead of our competition. Utilizing these tools means we’re not just playing the game, we are a step ahead, anticipating moves.

For instance, AI helps us spot rising interests around specific sports matchups, like a surprise finals match between underdog teams. It helps with our keyword research and analyzing our competitors. Simultaneously, it keeps an eye on the online casino buzz, identifying a spike in searches around a newly launched progressive slot. By addressing both in our content, we ensure our iGaming affiliate websites are always at the nexus of what’s happening and what’s hot.

In your role as the Head of SEO at KingBet Media, you’ve achieved remarkable milestones. Could you share some key strategies or initiatives that contributed to this significant growth?

Here at KingBet Media, our strategy is like a well-played game of sports mixed with a winning streak at the poker table. Or If I wanted to say it with one word: “Touchdowns!” Being at Kingbet, I initiated the “Hat-trick Approach.” We tackled on-page, off-page, and technical SEO simultaneously.

Think of it as having a forward, midfielder, and defender all in sync, driving us to numerous SEO victories. Every hat-trick has led us closer to the championship title of the top SERPs! Also we launched the “Dual Play Drive” – a comprehensive SEO strategy that synced sportsbook trends with online casino movements. For example, during the World Cup this summer, while optimizing content for match predictions and player stats, we also promoted World Cup-themed online slots. This combined approach led to a spike in both sports bettors and casino gamers, doubling our traffic and engagement.

Can you elaborate on the role of content in your SEO strategy, particularly in terms of acquisition content? How do you align your content plans with the product roadmap to drive new Monthly Active Users through organic channels?

Content in our SEO world is similar to a star player in a football team. Our acquisition content strategy is focused on attracting and converting fans — aka users. By aligning our content plans with the sportsbook product roadmap, we’re ensuring our star player is always in form, making assists, and scoring goals. With content that’s timely, relevant, and engaging, it’s no wonder we’re the top pick for sports aficionados, especially in our home country Greece, seeking reliable and up-to-the-minute insights.

Our content strategy is a harmonious blend of a play-by-play sports commentator and a charismatic online casino host. The acquisition content aims not just to inform but to engage and attract, whether it’s giving in-depth analyses of an upcoming derby or guiding users through the latest online casino game with immersive graphics and massive payouts.

Given your impressive achievements in improving keyword rankings, could you provide some tips for keyword research and optimization in the iGaming sector, where competition can be fierce?

The iGaming sector’s keyword battlefield is as intense as a football penalty shootout crossed with a high-stakes poker game. It’s essential to create a wide net, capturing both general terms like “best sports betting tips” and niche ones like “best RTP online slots 2023.” Tools like SEMrush or Ahrefs are our trusty coaches here, giving insights into competitors’ moves.

Tools are here to help us we just have to work with them the right way. Remember, it’s about understanding user intent, so keeping tabs on both sports forums and online casino communities can provide invaluable insights. For instance, when there’s buzz around fantasy sports, we make sure we’ve content optimized around “fantasy sportsbook guides” and “fantasy-themed online slots.”

What key metrics and data points do you find most valuable when assessing the success of an SEO campaign?

In the world of sportsbook and online casino, it’s not just about the goals scored or the jackpots won, but the entire gameplay. Organic traffic growth and keyword rankings are our scoreboard.

Still, we also keep an eagle eye on metrics like bounce rate (similar to audience retention at a live game or a player’s stay at a blackjack table), click-through rates (our conversion winners), and the quality of backlinks (our VIP guests bringing in more clients). Monitoring these metrics ensures that our iGaming websites are not just popular but also offers a quality experience, turning visitors into loyal fans.

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