Date: 11.01.2024

by Antoni Majewski

Bet365 Navigates Financial Turbulence with Over £70 Million in Pre-Tax Losses Amidst Market Expansion

Global gaming behemoth Bet365 has reported significant pre-tax losses exceeding £70 million ($90 million) in the latest financial year, attributing these to increased expenses incurred during its aggressive expansion into new markets.

A Financial Rollercoaster for Bet365

Bet365, managed by the Coates family, has faced a challenging financial year, closing with pre-tax losses of £72.5 million ($92.43 million) as of March 26th, 2023. This marks a drastic shift from the £49.8 million ($63.49 million) profit in 2022. Despite this downturn, the company’s turnover surged from £2.87 billion ($3.65 billion) to £3.41 billion ($4.34 billion), and dividends of £100 million ($127.5 million) were announced.

The company’s financial strain primarily stems from heightened costs associated with its expansion into new markets, along with substantial investments in IT infrastructure and technological development. This expansion strategy led to a significant increase in administrative expenses, totaling £585.2 million ($746.13 million), and an 11% rise in staff costs, with employee numbers growing to 7,567.

Bet365’s Long-term Strategy

Despite the immediate financial challenges, the board remains optimistic about the long-term benefits of entering new markets. The company also witnessed a 19% increase in sports and gaming turnover to £3.39 billion ($4.32 billion) and a 29% rise in active customer numbers.

In contrast to the company’s losses, Denise Coates, the billionaire founder of Bet365, enjoyed a significant financial gain. She received a payout exceeding £270 million ($344.32 million), including a salary of £220.7 million ($281.45 million) for the year and at least 50% of the £100 million dividend. Her combined annual salary and dividend surpass the £260 million ($331.57) she collected in 2022.


Bet365’s latest financial report paints a picture of a company in the throes of aggressive market expansion, balancing substantial investment costs against long-term growth prospects.

While the short-term financial impact is evident in the pre-tax losses, the company’s increase in turnover and customer base, coupled with the Coates family’s confidence, suggests a strategic focus on future profitability and market dominance.