Date: 17.01.2024

by Antoni Majewski

BetConstruct Joins Forces with Flutter Entertainment to Enhance iGaming Experience

In a landmark partnership, BetConstruct has teamed up with Flutter Entertainment, a leading name in the iGaming sector, to bring a fresh wave of gaming options to Betfair International. This strategic collaboration is set to redefine the standards of player engagement and excellence in the iGaming industry.

Flutter Entertainment: A Powerhouse in iGaming

Flutter Entertainment, with its vast array of well-known brands, boasts a strong presence in over 20 regulated markets and caters to a global customer base exceeding 18 million. Known for its innovative solutions and globally successful games, the company emphasizes a secure and engaging environment for its clients.

As part of this collaboration, BetConstruct’s gaming offerings, including popular titles from CreedRoomz and Pascal Gaming, are now available on Betfair International. The upcoming addition of PopOK Gaming titles further signifies the partnership’s commitment to enhancing the gaming experience.

Statements from Industry Leaders

Stefano Busè, Commercial Director Gaming at Betfair International, expressed excitement about integrating BetConstruct’s gaming lineup, highlighting the partnership’s dedication to revolutionizing the iGaming world. Similarly, Mikayel Sarukhanyan, Chief Business Officer at BetConstruct, emphasized the opportunity to redefine the iGaming landscape and set new standards for player engagement and excellence.

This collaboration is not just a merger of two industry giants; it’s a promise of an improved and seamless gaming experience for players and partners alike. The joint effort of BetConstruct and Betfair International underscores their commitment to raising industry standards and fostering unparalleled gaming experiences.

Our Comment On The Article

The partnership between BetConstruct and Flutter Entertainment through Betfair International is a testament to the shared vision of innovation and excellence in the iGaming world. This alliance is poised to push boundaries and set new benchmarks, offering players an unrivaled gaming experience.

The collaboration between BetConstruct and Flutter Entertainment represents a significant step forward in the iGaming industry. It showcases how strategic partnerships can drive innovation, enhance player experiences, and set new paradigms for excellence and engagement in the dynamic world of online gaming.