by Kajetan Sawicz

Last update: 04.03.2024 15:03

Betsson Eyes Inter Milan Shirt Sponsorship in Potential €30M Deal

Betsson, a prominent betting company, is reportedly preparing a substantial offer to become the main shirt sponsor for Inter Milan, with a proposal worth approximately €30 million on the table.


This development, as reported by the Italian news outlet Gazzetta.it, hinges on a significant regulatory change in Italy that would allow gambling sponsorships in football, a move currently restricted by the nation’s Dignity Decree.

Exploring New Sponsorship Horizons

Inter Milan, a club with a storied history and considerable achievements, including a recent appearance in the Champions League final, finds itself at a crossroads concerning its main shirt sponsorship for the upcoming season. The current partnership with Paramount+, a US-based streaming service, is set to conclude at the end of this campaign, prompting the club to actively seek a new, lucrative sponsorship deal.

The quest for a new sponsor is not just about replacing Paramount+ but finding a partnership that reflects Inter’s status as one of Europe’s elite clubs. The potential deal with Betsson is seen as a step in this direction, promising to align the club’s sponsorship revenue with that of other top European teams.

Regulatory Challenges and Opportunities

The key obstacle to this promising partnership is Italy’s current regulatory framework, particularly the Dignity Decree, which expressly prohibits football clubs from engaging with gambling companies as their main shirt sponsors. However, there’s a growing momentum within Serie A and its clubs to lobby for a change in this policy, which, if successful, could pave the way for Betsson’s proposed sponsorship.

Betsson’s interest in Inter Milan is a testament to the club’s global appeal and the betting company’s ambition to expand its visibility in the football world. With an offer that ranges from €27 to €30 million per season, Betsson is ready to make a significant investment, signaling confidence in the value that a partnership with Inter Milan could bring.

Our Comment on the Article

The potential partnership between Betsson and Inter Milan is more than just a sponsorship deal; it’s a reflection of the evolving landscape of sports sponsorships and the intricate relationship between sports entities and the gambling industry. As regulatory barriers continue to be challenged, such partnerships could become more common, offering financial benefits to clubs and increased visibility for sponsors. However, the success of this particular deal hinges on the willingness and ability of Italian legislators to adapt to the changing dynamics of sports sponsorships, making it a situation to watch closely for fans, industry insiders, and stakeholders alike.

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