by Antoni Majewski

Blackpool FC and LeoVegas Promote ‘Safer Gambling Week’ in Unique Shirt Sponsorship Initiative

During the upcoming Football League One match against Shrewsbury, Blackpool FC will feature a unique front-of-shirt sponsorship to promote the ‘Safer Gambling Week’ campaign.

This initiative, aimed at raising awareness about responsible gambling, will see Blackpool FC as the only club that weekend to replace its regular shirt branding with ‘Safer Gambling’ logos.

LeoVegas’ Commitment to Responsible Gaming

LeoVegas, the official principal partner of Blackpool FC, has been showcasing its brand on the team’s shirts since July. In a significant move, LeoVegas has replaced its usual logo with ‘Safer Gambling Week’ messaging for the upcoming match. This action underscores LeoVegas’ dedication to responsible gaming and highlights the importance of gambling safely.

Industry-wide Initiative Support

The ‘Safer Gambling Week’ is a cross-industry initiative in the UK and Ireland focused on promoting safer gambling practices. LeoVegas Group’s decision to donate their shirt branding for this cause reflects their commitment to this important initiative.

Statements from LeoVegas and Blackpool FC

Sam Behar, LeoVegas Group Director of UK and Ireland, emphasized the company’s pride in collaborating with Blackpool FC: “Responsible gaming is at the heart of our offering at LeoVegas. We are incredibly proud to work with Blackpool and to make sure all fans understand the range of tools we have on offer to ensure our players keep their play safe.”

“Safer Gambling Week is an important time of the year and, as such, ensuring that we replace our logo on the front of shirt to promote the week was crucial to us at LeoVegas. We thank Blackpool for their ongoing support for this week and for how we communicate our commitment to responsible gaming.” – he added.

Our Comment on the Article

Blackpool FC and LeoVegas’ collaboration to promote ‘Safer Gambling Week’ represents a thoughtful and impactful approach to corporate social responsibility in the realm of sports and gaming. By replacing the regular shirt sponsorship with ‘Safer Gambling’ logos, both organizations are leveraging a high-visibility platform to raise awareness about the importance of responsible gambling practices.

This initiative not only reflects LeoVegas’ commitment to responsible gaming but also illustrates how sports partnerships can be utilized to address and promote social causes. The effort by both Blackpool FC and LeoVegas to circulate the message of safer gambling is a commendable step towards fostering a more responsible gaming culture within the sports community.

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