by Mateusz Mazur

Blaze Gaming Ignites Affiliate Marketing with First Look Games Partnership

First Look Games, renowned for revolutionizing game studio marketing, has announced a strategic collaboration with Blaze Gaming, an emerging force in game provision.

This partnership aims to elevate Blaze Gaming’s visibility among affiliates and gamers, enhancing its market presence.

Harnessing a Powerful Platform

By joining forces with First Look Games, Blaze Gaming secures a dedicated platform to showcase its game repertoire. This move allows for the efficient distribution of detailed game information and assets, ensuring affiliates have everything they need to craft compelling reviews and previews. With features like game sheets, logos, images, and videos, the platform offers an unparalleled resource for content creation.

Blaze Gaming’s partnership with First Look Games introduces a novel approach to affiliate marketing. The option to provide demo links, facilitated by 1account’s seamless player verification, ensures compliance in regulated markets such as the UK, allowing affiliates to feature demo games confidently.

Tailored Content Access

Blaze Gaming retains full autonomy over its content, dictating the timing and availability of assets to affiliates. The “first look” feature is particularly noteworthy, granting select affiliates exclusive access to upcoming games, fostering anticipation and ensuring a swift player engagement upon launch.

Elliott Resnick of First Look Games, said: “It’s great to see Blaze Gaming engaging with affiliates by using our award-winning platform. First Look Games provides cost-effective game marketing that is proven to work, and Blaze can now take advantage of its unrivalled power and reach.”

Keith Goddard, CEO at Blaze Gaming, added: “We are excited to leverage First Look Games and its suite of features and tools to directly connect with affiliates and make them aware of the awesome games in our portfolio so that more players can discover Blaze Gaming and our innovative, entertaining slots for the first time.”

Our Insight

The alliance between First Look Games and Blaze Gaming signifies a pivotal development in affiliate marketing within the iGaming sector.

By leveraging First Look Games’ comprehensive platform, Blaze Gaming is poised to captivate both affiliates and players, promising a dynamic future for its engaging game offerings.

This partnership not only exemplifies effective marketing strategies but also showcases the evolving landscape of iGaming promotions, with a focus on accessibility, compliance, and interactive content.

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