by Mateusz Mazur

Bundesliga and Sportradar Renew Their Global Alliance

Bundesliga International and Sportradar have taken a significant step towards the future of sports entertainment by renewing their global partnership until the end of the 2031-2032 season.
This early extension not only solidifies their collaboration but also sets the stage for the introduction of groundbreaking data and audiovisual products aimed at enhancing the global fan experience.

Expanding Horizons: New Rights and Innovations

Under this renewed agreement, Sportradar is set to enrich its offerings by sublicensing video content from Germany’s premier football divisions, exclusively distributing live match data for betting, and incorporating betting and streaming rights for the WOW Virtual Bundesliga. Additionally, the partnership will see an expansion in the Virtual Sports Bundesliga product and a reinforced commitment to combating match-fixing, emphasizing the integrity of the sport.

The partnership between Bundesliga International and Sportradar is grounded in a shared vision for innovation. Both entities are dedicated to leveraging cutting-edge technology to develop new products and services that not only captivate the market but also offer immersive experiences for sports enthusiasts worldwide.

A Longstanding Collaboration: Building on a Foundation of Trust

The relationship between Bundesliga International and Sportradar, which by the end of this agreement will span over 25 years, is a testament to their mutual trust and commitment to advancing sports technology.

Peer Naubert, Bundesliga International Chief Marketing Officer, said: “The Bundesliga has long been regarded globally as a frontrunner when it comes to cutting edge innovation, and our long-term partnership with Sportradar continues to reflect this. From the start, we have been aligned in pushing the boundaries of technology for the benefit of the fan, and this early prolongation, which by the end will take us to more than 25 years of collaboration, is an outcome of the trust and excitement we share for the future.”

Moritz Gloeckler, Sportradar SVP Rights and Strategic Projects said: “We are the ideal partner to work with the Bundesliga in widening and deepening their fan base through the development of new AV and data-driven products, using the latest technologies such as augmented streaming and AI. This agreement aligns with our broader strategy to selectively invest in long term rights across key global sports which enable the continued innovation and enhancement of our offerings for our clients. We look forward to many years of partnering with the Bundesliga to redefine the soccer fan experience.”

Our Comment on the Article

The extended partnership between Bundesliga International and Sportradar represents a significant milestone in the sports industry, signifying a joint commitment to innovation and fan engagement. As they embark on this renewed journey, the potential for transformative changes in how fans interact with and consume soccer content is immense. This collaboration is poised to not only enhance the current landscape but also set new standards for the integration of technology in sports entertainment, making it a pivotal moment worth watching in the years to come.

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