Date: 03.03.2023

by Mateusz Mazur

Last update: 08.03.2023 13:18

Caesars Entertainment Makes Strides to Fight Problem Gambling with New Universal Exclusion and Enhanced 21+ Policies

Coinciding with National Problem Gambling Awareness Month, Caesars Entertainment, the world’s most diversified casino-entertainment provider, has announced two new policies furthering its commitment to Responsible Gaming.

Self-exclusion program

Already a leader in the promotion of Responsible Gaming tools that allow guests to manage their play, Caesars is expanding its self-exclusion program by implementing the industry’s most expansive universal exclusion policy, which will apply across the Company’s robust gaming portfolio.

Additionally, the Company is adopting an enhanced 21+ gaming policy that will limit Caesars Rewards® accounts to individuals over 21 and, where allowed by law, limit all domestic gaming, pari-mutuel, sports and iGaming options to those over 21.

“As the largest gaming company in North America, we have a special responsibility to ensure that everything we do is built on a solid foundation of Responsible Gaming. We take that responsibility very seriously, and these new policies reflect that commitment,” said Tom Reeg, CEO of Caesars Entertainment.

“We are pleased that now, when a person tells us that playing with us is no longer in their best interest, we will be able to ensure that they are not only excluded from their local property or a state exclusion program through the mobile app, but they are excluded from every gaming platform we offer, in one simple step. Given our national presence and multitude of products we offer, we are confident that restricting access to all gaming options and our Caesars Rewards database, including those options traditionally open to people over 18, is in the best interests of our company and our community.”

Universal exclusion list

The universal exclusion policy will be implemented by the end of March and is the largest-scale exclusion option available in the country. With the exception of limited properties that are not yet fully integrated into Caesars’ IT environment, the policy will encompass Caesars Entertainment’s offerings, including Caesars Sportsbook, iGaming and its brick-and-mortar facilities.

Any participant currently on a state-sponsored self-exclusion list in which Caesars operates will be added to the universal exclusion list for Caesars’ gaming facilities and platforms across the enterprise. Additionally, any person may elect to add themselves to the list, ensuring that they have all gaming privileges revoked, including in-person and online play privileges, check cashing, credit extension, mail, marketing, complimentary and Caesars Rewards benefits.

“To build a platform this technical and expansive was an incredible task and we’re so proud of our team for the work that has been put in to bring this new capability to life,” said Jeffrey Hendricks, SVP & Assistant General Counsel, Regulatory & Compliance for Caesars Entertainment. “

The implementation of this new policy was challenging, but our goal was to bring a more comprehensive exclusion option to our players to ensure everyone that plays with us, does so responsibly. We’re honored to say we have achieved that goal and now offer the most expansive exclusion option in the country.”

Self-exclusion via the Caesars Sportsbook app

Historically, under the Company’s self-exclusion policy a player may request to have all privileges denied for one year, five years or indefinitely. Once a player requests self-exclusion, the exclusion applies across all Caesars Entertainment-owned, operated, serviced and managed properties and products. The new capability comes with the addition of players electing to self-exclude via the Caesars Sportsbook app, which will then exclude them from both mobile and in-person betting.

“NCPG has long enjoyed an excellent partnership with Caesars Entertainment,” said Keith Whyte, Executive Director, National Council on Problem Gambling.

“We’re gratified that Caesars is continuing to innovate in responsible gambling advertising, Team Member training and corporate social responsibility. Their most recent achievements with the universal exclusion policy demonstrate real leadership in the responsible gambling sector.”

In addition to the universal exclusion policy, the Company is in the process of implementing an enhanced 21+ gaming policy. In the first half of this year, Caesars will restrict access to the Caesars Rewards database from customers in jurisdictions who allow users under the age of 21 to use Caesars’ products.

Additionally, where allowed by law, Caesars will limit all domestic gaming, pari-mutuel, sports and iGaming options to individuals over the age of 21. Caesars’ new enhanced 21+ gaming policy sets the industry’s highest standards to limit gaming activities to those over the age of 21.

“Since launching Project 21 in 1989 and establishing the industry’s first Responsible Gaming standards, Caesars Entertainment has remained stalwart in our commitment to provide meaningful solutions for problem and underage gaming,” said Anthony Carano, President & COO of Caesars Entertainment.

“As our company has grown, we recognize the importance of ensuring we are supporting that message in a meaningful way across our enterprise. Establishing consistent standards regarding age restrictions underlines our commitment to our guests and to the industry.”

Responsible Gaming training program

Additionally, Caesars Entertainment’s renewed commitment to Responsible Gaming includes the expansion of its Responsible Gaming training program, introducing a new Responsible Gaming Council, providing funding for organizations operating in the field, and releasing national Responsible Gaming advertisements within the last year.

Led by Caesars’ PEOPLE PLANET PLAY framework, which provides direction for the Company to ensure it is acting with integrity and care for its Team Members, communities and the environment, the initiatives include:

Training – Caesars has expanded its industry-leading Responsible Gambling training program to the Company’s sports betting business, Caesars Sportsbook & Casino. Currently, all full-time and part-time Caesars Entertainment and Caesars Sportsbook & Casino Team Members receive Responsible Gaming training. The program extends further to specialized education for 1,600 Responsible Gaming Ambassadors who help identify and assist guests who may not be playing responsibly. The Ambassador program has grown more than 60 percent since 2021.

Governance – Caesars recently formed a Responsible Gaming Council with seven senior leaders to oversee Responsible Gaming policies on behalf of the Company. The council is comprised of individuals across the Caesars Entertainment enterprise to guarantee that diverse perspectives and markets are considered during any assessments and also ensure the Company is acting responsibly.

Financial Support – Caesars’ commitment to Responsible Gaming extends through its charitable giving platform, the Caesars Foundation. In 2022, Caesars Entertainment and the Caesars Foundation gifted more than $300,000 to the International Center for Responsible Gambling (ICRG), National Council on Problem Gambling, and various Responsible Gaming non-profit organizations for research, education, workforce development and problem gambling treatment. Caesars is also sponsoring several annual problem gambling conferences in Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Arizona in support of Problem Gambling Awareness Month.

Public Education – Through a partnership with the NFL and the Manning family, Caesars Sportsbook & Casino developed several Responsible Gaming advertisements, including its first-ever Responsible Gaming ad that aired around the Super Bowl during the 2021-2022 season. The Company continues to release Responsible Gaming advertisements, several of which aired around the Super Bowl during the latest NFL season and will continue to air through March Madness. The advertisements air on the NFL Network and ESPN, as well as locally, and feature appearances by the Mannings, JB Smoove, Henrik Lundqvist, Trey Wingo, Kenny Mayne and more. The ads are another way for Caesars Entertainment to educate players about the importance of responsible play, not just in person but also online.

“Responsible Gaming is part of our CSR framework and something we work toward improving every day,” said Heather Rapp, SVP of Corporate Social Responsibility for Caesars Entertainment.

“We are committed to building on the Caesars Entertainment legacy by continuing to innovate in important spaces, like Responsible Gaming. PGAM is the perfect time to recognize the significance of responsible play and what we are doing to create a better environment for our communities.”

Caesars Entertainment’s goals regarding Responsible Gaming are simple and unequivocal: Caesars wants everyone who visits and gambles at its properties or through its online products to do so for the right reasons – to simply have fun. The Company’s initiatives intentionally span platforms, markets, audiences and mediums to ensure all players are aware of their options when it comes to safe play.

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