Date: 23.05.2023

by Mateusz Mazur

Last update: 23.05.2023 15:09

Changes in the structure of iGaming Dragon. One editor-in-chief of both websites

From June 1, 2023, iGaming Dragon will implement a new management strategy for the Group’s editorial offices – iGaming Polska and iGaming Express. The changes involve combining the teams working in both editorial offices (including social media), which will be managed by one editor-in-chief. As a result, the Group’s founder, Maciej Akimow, will cease his editorial management duties and focus on scaling the business. Bartosz Burzyński, who was previously associated with the Weszło Group, as well as Shark Agency, will become editor-in-chief.

The changes are due to the desire for rapid development and the achievement of ambitious business goals. Our readers, especially those who cheer us on, can observe almost in real time the development of the entire project and find out the exact objectives. Changes and a coherent strategy are the components necessary to achieve these goals.

Experienced editor strengthens team

Also joining the editorial staff is Mateusz Mazur, who recently served as an editor on portals belonging to the Shark Agency group. Mateusz has a very good feel for gambling products and marketing issues, as readers of our services will soon be able to observe.

– I am very pleased to have the opportunity to strengthen such an ambitious team. I strongly believe in the whole project, and I am looking forward to work with Maciek and Bartek, whose knowledge and experience will certainly enable us to achieve our goals. I hope to make my contribution to the development and realization of the mission of both sitesMateusz Mazur said.

New editor-in-chief

In the past four years, Burzyński has been a Content Manager at Shark Agency, which included such websites as Interplay, Gram Grubo and Previously, he worked as an editor on websites belonging to the Weszło Group, where he acquired skills in journalism.

– I have been involved in the gambling industry in the broadest sense of the word for more than a decade, so I am glad to have the opportunity to assume such an important position on the editorial boards of iGaming Polska and iGaming Express. Thank you for your trust. This is going to be an intense period, full of challenges. It is important for me to strengthen the brand of both services by providing unique materials.

– As the name of both sites indicates, the main emphasis will be on iGaming, but as far as the Polish site is concerned, we will also have content on the retail business. We don’t want to be another typical B2B industry site, but also B2C. We want to be a friendly place for both players and customers of legitimate operators. Thus, there will be no shortage of content on our sites pointing out the activities of the gray market, which takes advantage of legal regulations that don’t work really well.

– One of the missions of our websites will be to propagate information about responsible gaming practices. We will certainly create a lot of material on this topic, as well as events. Of course, in this area, like any other, we will write about all sectors of the gambling industry – Bartosz Burzyński said.

Group founder with new responsibilities

Maciej Akimow, founder of the entire group and both websites, will focus on further business scaling activities. The aim is to enter more new markets, strengthen the group’s brand and individual parts of the business, commercialize activities, build a network of independent connections and support key partners.

– I am glad that Mateusz and Bartek are strengthening our editorial teams. As soon as the opportunity arose to use their services, I didn’t think long but offered to cooperate. We have been working on previous projects and I know what they can do and what potential they have. We are not a corporation or a group with investment support. We want to grow organically, delivering the highest possible quality every timeMaciej Akimow said.

– I am aware of the amount of work that still needs to be done to establish a presence in any way in the world. We currently have two branches of our business – B2B services for networking and influencing the reality around us, and an affiliate part. We develop both equally. In the first case, we will open more services to new markets. In the case of affiliate operations, our challenge is to expand our technology and create a performance department composed of top specialists – added the founder of the iGaming Dragon group.

– We are not able to compete financially with the largest listed players in the market, but we will use our agility, cleverness, and unique strategy to create something extraordinary. By the end of the year, we will open more projects in South America and the US. People are necessary for this, so I’m happy that we can announce new reinforcements – Akimow concluded.