by Antoni Majewski

Checkd Group Reports Impressive Q2 Performance

Technology-driven sports betting specialist Checkd Group has witnessed substantial improvements in Q2 performance, propelled by the strategic efforts of its content and marketing arm, Checkd Media.

Organic Search Achievements

Checkd Media’s Q2 results reveal a remarkable 207.10% increase in organic conversions compared to the previous quarter.

Organic users have surged by 86.57%, surpassing 250k monthly users for the first time. The revenue from organic search has also experienced a significant uptick, rising by 106.06%.Paid Media GrowthPaid media accounts have seen a notable 204% increase, contributing to an overall total revenue surge of 114%. New followers generated through paid media efforts have impressively risen by 319%, showcasing Checkd Media’s effective utilization of paid channels.

Social Media Success

The social media team at Checkd celebrated a 52% rise in followers, accompanied by a substantial 122% increase in Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). The accounts and stakes on social media platforms grew by 111% and 53%, respectively, underlining the team’s effective engagement strategies.

These performance enhancements reflect Checkd’s dedication to elevating its key sites’ performance in both the UK and North America.

The results underscore the success of Checkd Media’s strategies in driving traffic, conversions, and overall brand growth.

Positive Outlook for 2024

Alex Beecham, Managing Director at Checkd Media, expressed confidence in the ongoing strategy, highlighting the impressive results achieved.

He stated, “We are confident that the results off the back of this strategy are just the start of an impressive 2024.” Beecham emphasized the momentum building ahead of major events like Cheltenham and the Euros, signaling a promising year for Checkd Group.

Checkd Group’s robust Q2 performance, driven by Checkd Media’s focused initiatives, sets a positive tone for the company’s trajectory in 2024.

With record-breaking achievements across organic search, paid media, and social platforms, Checkd is well-positioned for continued success in the dynamic landscape of sports betting and online marketing.

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