Date: 07.06.2024

by Adam Dworak

Checkd Media Extends No Tippy Tappy Football with Sam Allardyce Through Euro 2024

Sports content specialist Checkd Media, part of the Checkd Group, is extending the run of its highly successful William Hill-sponsored show, No Tippy Tappy Football with Sam Allardyce, throughout Euro 2024.

A Proven Hit Show

Since its creation ahead of the 2022 World Cup, No Tippy Tappy Football with Sam Allardyce has been a major hit across Checkd’s Footy Accumulators social channels. The show has garnered over 1 million YouTube views in the last month alone, boasting 32,000 YouTube subscribers and 370,000 audio downloads since its inception.

Featuring leading names from the football world, the series is set to continue its success with seven additional episodes airing during Euro 2024.

Star-Studded Lineup and Exclusive Insights

The extended run began with former England and current Sheffield Wednesday coach Chris Powell joining hosts Natalie Pike and Sam Allardyce. The trio discussed their final England squad picks and predictions for the tournament. The series will continue to provide exclusive insights and opinions from high-profile guests, offering previews and reactions from both on and off the pitch in Germany.

The extension of the series also introduces a new tactics board designed for Big Sam to share his analysis of all England’s games in the competition. This addition is set to provide viewers with a deeper understanding of the strategies and plays used throughout the tournament.

Support from William Hill

Will Tyrrell, Director of UK Media at Checkd Media, expressed his excitement about the show’s extension: “We are thrilled to extend No Tippy Tappy Football with Sam Allardyce through the Euros, delivering even more in-depth analysis and engaging discussions for our audience. This series has always been about offering fans a unique perspective from some of football’s most respected figures. With the addition of new features like the tactics board, we are confident that this summer’s episodes will be our best yet. We are grateful for the continued support of William Hill, which allows us to bring this exciting content to football fans across the globe.”

The continued success and expansion of No Tippy Tappy Football with Sam Allardyce highlight the growing demand for engaging and insightful football content. The show’s ability to attract a large audience demonstrates its value in providing fans with unique perspectives and expert analysis.