by Antoni Majewski

Entain’s Social Impact: Empowering Communities and Advancing Sustainability

Entain, a global leader in sports betting and gaming, has demonstrated a profound commitment to social impact and sustainability through its various initiatives and partnerships.

The Group’s latest Social Impact Report, published alongside its sustainability strategy, underlines the significant strides made by the Entain Foundation. This comes as part of Entain’s pledge to invest £100 million in community initiatives over five years.

Empowering Aspiring Athletes and Supporting Football Clubs

Key achievements of the Entain Foundation include supporting over 200 aspiring Olympic, Paralympic, Commonwealth, and World Champions through its partnership with SportsAid. Additionally, the Foundation has provided grants to 100 non-league football clubs through its multi-million-pound programme, Pitching In.

Entain’s sustainability strategy, which will be showcased in the virtual ESG event ‘Entain Sustain’, is based on a comprehensive double materiality assessment. The strategy focuses on four pillars:

  • Leading in player protection.
  • Providing a secure and trusted platform.
  • Creating an environment for everyone to excel.
  • Positively impacting communities.

Leadership Comments

Virginia McDowell, Non-Executive Director and Chair of Entain’s Sustainability and Compliance Committee, expressed pride in the Group’s collaborative efforts with global charities and academic institutions. She emphasized the significant progress made in the past year and Entain’s commitment to continue its leadership in sustainability and community impact.

The Foundation has contributed significantly to safer gambling knowledge, with 14 peer-reviewed papers published by the Cambridge Health Alliance Division on Addiction since 2019. In 2022, EPIC Risk Management trained over 24,920 student-athletes and staff in the US on gambling-related harm risks. The ARC™ programme also made 1 million customer interactions and interventions, impacting 710,301 unique customers.

Diversity in Technology

Entain has been instrumental in promoting diversity in tech through its partnership with Girls Who Code, benefiting 10,680 girls and non-binary individuals across 410 clubs since 2021. The Foundation also offered 13 scholarships in 2022 to female students in Germany and Australia and shipped 800 computers to Kenya with the Turing Trust in 2023.

The Foundation has also played a pivotal role in supporting communities, including screening 5,000 Ghanaian children for disabilities with Chance for Childhood’s Disability Detect App. It has also raised half a million pounds for Prostate Cancer UK and £1 million for Chance for the Children.

Our Comment on the Article

Entain’s Social Impact Report reflects a deep-rooted commitment to not only advance in the gaming and betting industry but also to make a meaningful difference in communities globally. By focusing on areas like safer gaming, technological diversity, and community support, Entain is setting a high standard for corporate responsibility in the gaming sector.

These initiatives show that it’s possible to balance commercial success with social and environmental stewardship, paving the way for a more sustainable and inclusive future.

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