Date: 05.12.2023

by Antoni Majewski

eSports in the Gambling Industry: Future or Fad?

The eSports industry has seen a meteoric rise in popularity, evolving from a niche pastime to a mainstream entertainment behemoth, with global revenues surpassing $1 billion as of 2022​​.

eSports in Gambling. trends for 2024. eSports trends in Gambling

This growth has piqued the interest of the gambling industry, leading to an explosive rise in eSports betting. The global eSports betting market, valued at over $1 billion, is projected to reach astounding figures, estimated at $24.75 billion by 2024​​​​.

The Rise of eSports in Gambling

eSports betting, leveraging the unpredictability and strategic nature of eSports competitions, has attracted a massive audience. In 2020 alone, the number of eSports betting enthusiasts was estimated to be between 20 and 30 million globally​​. The market has experienced exponential growth, expanding from $696 million in 2016 to a projected $17.2 billion by 2020, with Asia’s market alone expected to exceed $1 billion​​.

Dominant Games and Demographics

League of Legends and Dota 2 are the titans of the eSports betting world, accounting for 38% and 20% of the market, respectively​​. The majority of bets, around 80%, are placed by young adults aged 18-25, with 21-35-year-olds showing the highest involvement in eSports betting​​.

Legal and Ethical Landscape

The legal landscape for eSports betting varies globally, with some regions fully legalizing and regulating the activity, while others remain in a legal gray area​​. The industry faces ethical concerns such as potential match-fixing, underage gambling, and addiction, necessitating strict policies and procedures to safeguard integrity and protect vulnerable individuals​​.

Technological Innovations and Market Expansion

Advancements in technology, like blockchain for secure transactions and AI for sophisticated odds generation, are shaping the future of eSports betting​​. The industry is diversifying, offering a wider variety of betting markets and options to cater to a growing audience​​.

Mainstream Acceptance and Industry Growth

As eSports betting gains mainstream acceptance, it’s likely to attract more investment, players, teams, and sponsors, contributing to the sector’s overall economic growth​​. Partnerships between betting operators, eSports organizations, and other stakeholders are fostering a sustainable ecosystem and enhancing fan engagement​​.

Responsible Gambling and Industry Challenges

To ensure long-term success, promoting responsible gambling practices is crucial. This involves educating players about the risks and providing support for addiction​​. The industry must also navigate challenges like maintaining competition integrity and mitigating the negative impact of betting on esports’ reputation, particularly among younger audiences​​.


The future of eSports in gambling, while promising, depends on navigating these challenges and embracing technological innovations and responsible gambling practices. This dynamic blend of gaming and betting is not just a passing fad but a significant and evolving segment of the gambling industry, providing fans with an engaging way to interact with their favorite games and teams​​.