by Mateusz Mazur

Exclusive: Konrad Komarczuk to replace Carlo Di Maio as General Manager of Fortuna in Romania

According to our information, the Chief Executive Officer of the Polish branch of Fortuna Entertainment Group, Konrad Komarczuk, will move in the first days of March to Romania, where he will take up a parallel position in the branch there.

13 years of experience in the industry

Konrad Komarczuk has 13 years of experience in the gambling industry. He began his career as Projects Manager in Totalizator Sportowy Sp. z o.o., where in subsequent years he also held the positions of Director of Project Management Office and Director of Product and Innovation Department.

In December 2016, however, the new General Manager of Fortuna Romania took over the position of Chief Executive Officer of the Polish branch of Fortuna Entertainment Group, which he has remained until now.

Changes in the Polish branch

Komarczuk will arrive in Romania on March 6 and will gradually begin taking over the duties from outgoing CEO Carlo Di Maio, who will soon leave the Group’s ranks. Di Maio headed the department for less than two years, from August 2021.

Konrad Komarczuk’s appointment as General Manager in Romania also involves the appointment of a person to head the Polish branch. It is possible that Komarczuk will be responsible for making key decisions in both markets – in Poland and in Romania. We will get this information during the next days or from the official announcement of the group.

Chance for Konrad Komarczuk

It’s not a secret that the decision to make changes in the most important position at Fortuna’s Romanian branch is dictated by the need of change. The board of the group lost its trust to the skills of the board in Romania. Thus, Fortuna Entertainment Group intends to benefit from Komarczuk’s experience, which is expected to take the company to a higher financial and organizational level.

Undoubtedly, this is also a great opportunity for him, and shows that his work for the past years in the Polish market is highly appreciated by the company’s management. It is impossible not to notice here the great trust Komarczuk has, among others in Victor Corcoran, head of the entire Fortuna Entertainment Group

Indeed, our information shows that attempts to convince Konrad Komarczuk to move to the Romanian market had been going on for quite some time. Only an offer of the not-to-be-rejected kind prompted the Pole to accept the proposal. His task is to build solid fundaments in Romania until they find another General Manager for permanent period. Thus we can conclude that Komarczuk’s mission in Romania will be short-term.

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