Date: 11.01.2024

by Mateusz Mazur

FDJ Foundation Strengthens Support for French Handisport Federation

The FDJ Corporate Foundation is intensifying its partnership with the French Handisport Federation, which began in 2014, through a significant financial contribution of 250,000 euros.

Strategic Alliance: FDJ and CWL Chart a New Course

This generous funding will support a national project and fifty local projects across France, reinforcing the FDJ Foundation’s commitment to individuals with disabilities.

Amplifying Handisport Initiatives

This collaboration aims to facilitate the discovery, initiation, and advancement of various adapted sports practices. The French Handisport Federation, a member of the World Lottery Association, assists athletes in more than thirty different sports disciplines. With nearly a decade of partnership, numerous initiatives have been realized to promote the inclusion of individuals with disabilities.

The FDJ Foundation has been instrumental in developing various handisport-related initiatives. These include creating an educational toolkit for handisport practitioners, funding sports trips for youth, organizing discovery sessions for accessible sports, and offering sports sessions in medico-social structures. Such actions have significantly advanced the cause of inclusivity in sports.

Enhancing National and Local Partnerships

Charles Lantieri, Deputy CEO of the FDJ group and President of the FDJ Corporate Foundation, expressed pride in the long-standing relationship with the French Handisport Federation. The strengthened partnership includes national projects like Pep’s and local initiatives sponsored by FDJ’s partner merchants. This collaboration is especially meaningful in light of the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, for which FDJ is a partner.

Guislaine Westelynck, President of the French Handisport Federation, shared her pride in the ongoing and strengthening relationship with the FDJ Foundation. The financial support for local and national initiatives significantly impacts the physical and sports practices of people with disabilities. Together, they enhance the well-being, autonomy, and social connections of individuals with disabilities through sports.

Our Comment on the Article

The FDJ Foundation’s enhanced partnership with the French Handisport Federation is a commendable step towards promoting inclusivity and accessibility in sports. This collaboration not only provides necessary resources but also raises awareness about the importance of sports for individuals with disabilities.

As we approach the Paris 2024 Olympics and Paralympics, such initiatives gain even more significance, highlighting the role of sports in fostering community and empowerment. The FDJ Foundation’s commitment serves as an inspiring model for other organizations to support inclusive sports programs and contribute to a more equitable sporting world.