Date: 13.02.2024

by Antoni Majewski

Flutter Entertainment Enhances Partnership with French Operator PMU

Flutter Entertainment has announced the expansion of its B2B partnership with PARI MUTUEL URBAIN (PMU), France’s leading betting operator, building on a collaboration that originated in 2010. This enhanced agreement will introduce a multi-channel B2B Sportsbook Platform to PMU, featuring advanced customer products and operational services.

Flutter x PMU

A Milestone in B2B Sportsbook Solutions

Under the expanded partnership, PMU will leverage Flutter’s state-of-the-art Sportsbook Platform, benefiting from comprehensive event management, fixed odds pricing, and risk management services. This collaboration will integrate PMU into Flutter’s global trading ecosystem, harnessing the trading expertise shared across Flutter’s B2C and B2B brands.

PMU is set to be the inaugural external brand to adopt Flutter’s bespoke Sportsbook solution, signifying a significant step in their long-standing partnership. This move will enable PMU to tap into Flutter’s ongoing advancements in sportsbook technology and sports trading, ensuring scalable and efficient product deployments across its platform.

Executive Insights on the Partnership

Tom Bowry, Chief Strategy Officer at Flutter, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership’s extension, stating, “We are delighted that PMU have chosen to extend our partnership and become the first external brand to adopt our B2B Sportsbook platform. This Sportsbook solution has been developed through a relentless focus on innovation and is powered by the exceptional expertise derived from our global portfolio of brands.”

Emmanuel Vacher, e-commerce Director at PMU, highlighted the strategic benefits of the partnership, emphasizing PMU’s aim to streamline its sports betting architecture and focus on marketing and CRM efforts. “Flutter’s offering meets this need. Alongside them, we are now engaged in a multi-year partnership. Our common objective is, thanks to the expertise and technological capabilities of Flutter, to have within a leading Sports betting offer, services and user experience,” Vacher remarked.

PMU: A Pillar in Horse Racing and Betting

PMU, renowned as Europe’s top horse race betting operator and the third largest globally, primarily focuses on horse race betting, constituting over 90% of its business.

Since its inception in 1930, PMU has expanded into sports betting and poker, contributing significantly to the French horse racing industry. With a robust network of 14,000 retail outlets and a strong online presence, PMU plays a crucial role in financing the French horse racing sector, ensuring its sustainability and supporting numerous jobs within the industry.

Commentary: Strengthening the Future of Sports Betting

The expanded partnership between Flutter Entertainment and PMU represents a pivotal development in the sports betting landscape, marrying Flutter’s technological prowess with PMU’s extensive market presence. This collaboration not only enhances PMU’s sports betting offerings but also reaffirms Flutter’s position as a leader in providing advanced sportsbook solutions.

As both entities venture into this renewed partnership, the sports betting industry is set to witness innovative advancements that cater to evolving customer needs and market dynamics.